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    Hi there. I'm a freelance writer looking to make more of a name for myself. My specialty is screen writing, but I also work in short fiction with a focus on sci fi, fantasy and horror. I kept the player character description vague, but in my mind they are a young woman, reminiscent of Heather from Silent Hill 3. The player lives alone with their doting mother in a little cottage in the middle of the woods. In the distance a tower looms over their meager lives. Their mother will only tell them to stay away from it, and the terrible noises it emits night and day are enough to make the player heed the warning. They live quietly and humbly, as if at any moment that terrible spire will turn its gaze on them and everything will be over. The player has a faint scar on her cheek, one their mother told them they got playing with a knife as a child, but the player has been having strange dreams. Darkness with a flash of light, a sharp pain in their cheek waking them in a cold sweat. One day the player returns to the cabin to find their mother brutally murdered, nothing more then a maimed pile of limbs and gore scattered about the floor, yet her intact face is almost serene. A horrible creature lurks in the shadows, one of congealed darkness, dripping in old black clotted blood. When it approaches the player, their old scar splits open, sending fresh blood down their cheek to mix with their tears. They flee the cabin, sure the thing is right behind them. But once they're lost in the woods, the creature is no where to be found. Shaken and alone with no where to go, they find themselves wandering towards the tower, the only point of reference on the horizon. Shadows chase the player, sounds haunt them, and the thing, the creature, is never far behind. If it gets close to them their bleeding cheek grows worse, along with a pounding headache. The monster makes terrible noises, almost words, but they're choked and gurgled, and the player can only cover their ears and run from whatever terrible thing it wishes to say to them. The creature hounds them on, never giving them a moment's rest, chasing them through places they'd never knew lay beyond the woods. It finally corners them, and the player is certain of their terrible death. Yet just before they pass out from the splitting pain in their head, the dark tower in the distance emits one of its terrible noises. The creature shudders at the sound, retreating back to the darkness from whence it came, giving the player just enough time to escape. The player must traverse the dark labyrinth to try to find the secret that keeps the creature at bay, but instead they will discover a dark truth about their own past…
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