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    Anonymous Agony. [FILE #0 BETA OUT!]

    http://www.mediafire.com/?ynyflco59y9j2yy File #0 Beta released!
  2. Jake Caro

    Anonymous Agony. [FILE #0 BETA OUT!]

    I'll just leave this here...
  3. Jake Caro

    Anonymous Agony. [FILE #0 BETA OUT!]

    Hey everyone! The prologue to Anonymous Agony, "File #0: Intrusion" will be here May 10th! You ready for a ride on the Haze Taxi?
  4. Jake Caro

    Anonymous Agony. [FILE #0 BETA OUT!]

    [color=#FF0000]Claim Future Rewards! Head over to the project's Kickstarter for unique rewards! And a chance to help the project succeed! There is much additional information on the project over a the link as well! CLICK HERE
  5. Jake Caro

    Anonymous Agony. [FILE #0 BETA OUT!]

    Definitely it is not a new problem. Though violent actions have occured by violent video game players, I believe current research is of the opinion that the violent individuals were not affected by the games persay but rather the games were a symptom of the person themselves. There is a case that spoke of a shooter who had learnt his skills via an arcade shooter game which resulted in the large portion of his victims dying to headshots i.e. an effective training aid. Nothing was pursued on that line of thinking legally from memory. In some respects violence is far more protected through the body of law than sexual violence. Whether this is more a case of Western culture at work I cannot say. My personal opinion I should probably state for the record here is the following: So long as no party is injured by act, deed or intention then do whatever you want. Art has always been a dynamic through which we look at ourselves and to my way of thinking video games have always been a form of interactive art. Edit: I should also apologise Jake Caro - It was not my intention to turn your post into a debating post. I should also point out my concern was not over the issues surrounding Clara. There is more than sufficient protections inherent covering that as a legitimate use of artistic licence. Though it may cause you to be applied an adult rating simply because of subject matter. [/quote] You actually have supplied a very thoughtful and useful post, I never sensed any malice in your posts so don't worry! As for consulting a lawyer for selling in other countries, we have not yet. We know it probably will end up being banned SOMEWHERE, we're prepared for that, as well as the Adults Only rating, We actually are already advertising it as an 18+ game (relevant to North America anyway). What you said about the simulated chat rooms is a very likely problem. It could easily be misinterpreted, should just a thing happen, we will have to cut out the interaction in those scenes and make them purely automated like a more movie approach. Our main interest with this game is to tell a story, so if we are limited to that alone, and we have to get rid of interaction it's something I'm prepared to do. But your posts are actually very helpful, thank you Stormy.
  6. Jake Caro

    Anonymous Agony. [FILE #0 BETA OUT!]

    Whilst I applaud the sheer amount of work you have already poured into this. You have without doubt chosen a subject matter that is extra-ordinarily contentious. I am to be honest not even sure whether you are setting yourself up for legal issues down the road. Speaking for myself I wish you the best of luck but I am so going to step away from this entire post. [/quote] No sexual activity is ever directly seen, there actually isn't even any nudity! We've been careful to avoid anything illegal.
  7. Hello! I just thought I'd share my game with everyone! =) Comments and opinions would be awesome! [color=#2E8B57]PROJECT OVERVIEW Anonymous Agony is a commercial video game focusing on dark, realistic themes. It will be distributed online in an episodic manner It's setup like a television show, and it will be very heavy on story. [color=#2E8B57]STORY SYNOPSIS Haze and Clara don't have the best parents in the world, between their regular drug dealings, and other shady activity, but despite this, Haze and Clara go on living. Haze, an eighteen year old punk just starting starting to grow up holds a deep bitterness for the world as well as his parents. He tries to protect his sister from the evil in the world he has experienced first hand. Clara, a ten year old girl just starting middle school that's very grown up for her age spends most of her free time online chatting with friends. One day, Haze returns home to find that his younger sister has been raped, Haze discovers soon after that it was by a person she had been talking to online. After much strife, Clara is sent to a mental hospital to recover, Haze begins using his sister's online screen name to lure out other internet predators in hopes of, in his own way, getting revenge on the world. Anonymous Agony follows the parallel Stories of Haze and Clara. As Clara heals and heads towards eventual recovery, Haze heads towards his own downfall. [color=#2E8B57]CHARACTERS [color=#2E8B57]Haze Character Concept--------------------------------------------------In-Game Portrait _______ [size=2][color=#2E8B57]Haze is an eighteen year old punk that won't hesitate to tell someone off to their face, be it a regular person, cop, or whoever. He enjoys rubbing people's faults in their faces, especially people that refuse to accept them theirselves. Haze knows who he is and isn't afraid to show it, he rarely lets outside opinions affect him. Haze can see through most people very well, almost perfectly. He doesn't believe in selfless action, or sincerity so when he actually encounters individuals that have these traits he tends to judge them all wrong. After an accident that almost took her life, Haze grew very close to his younger sister Clara, she is the only person he can even partially emotionally level with. Haze is very protective of his sister, but doesn't show it directly and instead tries to leave her snarky hidden warnings about the crappy state of people disguised as one of his many complaints. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ [color=#2E8B57]Clara Character Concept---------------------------------------------In-Game Portrait _______ [size=2][color=#2E8B57]Clara is an eleven year old girl that's very bright and chipper almost all the time. She usually only gets angy at Haze for being rude to people, and ends up using the word "Ass" to describe him more than his actual name. Clara can be a little bratty sometimes but even when she tries to hold a grudge with Haze she usually gives up on it pretty early on. Her favorite meal is breakfast, and her favorite things TO have are Juice, Jam, & Eggs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ [color=#2E8B57]Craig Character Concept----------------------------------------------------In-Game Portrait _______ [size=2][color=#2E8B57]Craig is a middle aged police officer, he rarely has fun and works almost constantly, even at home. He rarely loses his tired expression and overworks himself daily. A case of an assault that gravely injured his wife was left unsolved, causing him to act over obsessive with cases, further pursuing them long after his colleagues have given up. His constant serious attitude, lack of emotion, and robot like work ethic earned him the nickname of "Robo" with the younger officers in his department. Underneath all his stress and emotional baggage rests a cop that just wants desperately to help people and do his part. His selfless desire to help and his own personal self interests do tend to blend together uncontrollably a lot. But both are there. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ [color=#2E8B57]GAMEPLAY & FEATURES #1: Simulated chat rooms. Take on the facade of a young girl, and...go fishing. #2: Fully voice acted story. #3: Intuitive game play simulating real life. #4: Detailed decisions will affect the outcome of your actions, plan ahead now. [color=green][size=1]SCREENSHOTS [color=#2E8B57]OST SAMPLE Take a listen to 30 econds samples of our wonderful original soundtrack composed by Martin Barreby Main Theme "Say My Name" ~Vocals and Lyrics by Diana Kantor~ http://www.box.com/s...czfqnt4d99o2geb Agony Of The Soul ~Haze VER.~ http://www.box.com/s...y8jgkremgmrerum The Mind's Decay http://www.box.com/s...eon21vqetlhzh21 A Wilting Flower http://www.box.com/s...2h3gob8nl4hefbj The Curse Of Happy Days http://www.box.com/s...tojrtly1crga6uv [color=#2E8B57]OFFICIAL WEBSITE [color=#2E8B57]ENTER SITE [color=#ff0000]Claim Future Rewards! Head over to the project's Kickstarter for unique rewards! And a chance to help the project succeed! There is much additional information on the project over a the link as well! CLICK HERE [color=#2E8B57]CREDITS & CONTACT Writer & Director: Jake Caro Character Designer & Logo Designer: Melody Brown In-Game Portrait Artist: Ehcs Music Composer: Martin Barreby Created By: Coded Emotion CO. ________________________________________ For questions or comments email: Iarudam@hotmail.com Copyright 2012 Coded Emotion.
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