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  1. Gameserver intercommunication

    They would have worked from any language but I didn't want to build my own protocol libs for multiple languages. ZeroMQ looks really cool. I'll work into it. Thanks
  2. Hello there, I'm currently working on a project which consists of multiple server instances on one machine (or server wide). Since all of them need to work together they need to be able to share messages in real-time. Now I'm gambling about which method would be efficient and easy. Certainly I could create a new protocol and communicate using pipes, unix-sockets or tcp-sockets. But I want to use something like a standardised message-system. For example: it would be nice to access the servers using any small applications like python scripts (so their should be librarys for different languages). I thought about using amqp or dbus but first I want to hear some opinions from experienced devs. So, could anyone give me some hints about how I could/should do the intercommunication?