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  1. Damian.

    Ugly lines on screen.

    Thanks, guys that helped. I used AdjustWindowRect, and now these lines are gone, and result looks much much better. Thanks again.
  2. Damian.

    Ugly lines on screen.

    Size of backbuffer is the same as window, and model was created in blender (smooth normals), and this model looked great in OpenGL :) I also tried VSync (off/on), didnt help.
  3. So I started playing with Direct3D11, and everything works fine except bad lines on my screen, its hard to see it on image, but in realtime, when something is rotating, its easy to spot.     Thanks for any help.   Direct image link: http://screenshu.com/static/uploads/temporary/wi/03/sw/534p3u.jpg
  4. Damian.

    Where to begin

    Some people enjoy more in Engine Programming, some other people like Game Programming. For example, I didn't like to make amateur games (games just for portfolio, etc) in Unity, or other engines, If i make something just for fun i like to make it from scratch, but if someone is making games in studio, the best choice is to use Game Engine, its just my little opinion.
  5. Damian.

    splash screen

    It should be OK but, if I'm not wrong you need virtual keyword before void's :-)
  6. Damian.

    Advice on 2D games

    It depends what you want to do in development (Graphics, Programming, etc..)   But if you are going for programming, and you want to learn how everything works, then use OpenGL/DX. But if you want to program a Gameplay/AI/ etc.. then use some libraries for example SFML. And of course it also depends in what language you want to program.
  7. Why don't you try something like this?     function meatball() { var h = document.getElementById('hi').value; alert("I love " + h); }
  8. Damian.

    A short question!

    If you done some games in past, go for OpenGL, but if not then use frameworks/libs/engines.    And the another thing is that, what do you want to do. Games or Engines (If games then stick with engines), but if you want to learn more about 2d/3d graphics, how it works etc, then go for OpenGL.
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