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  1. I need to interview a game developer

    Sure, I'll be more then happy to answer these questions for you. 1 General Description of what you do Our company designs and creates MMO and FPS games for the public. 2 What is your typical workday? My typical workday is mostly involving checking in on everything and answering any questions the team might have towards development. I tend to write a lot of ideas on a white board and the team reviews them and we figure out how we should proceed with these ideas in mind. 3 What do you find most rewarding anout your work? I find that being part of the team to be the most rewarding; we work hard and everybody loves it here. 4 What are the toughest problems oyu encounter in your job; What are the frustrations; What are compromises you have to make? Sometimes things don't work out with the team, one person might have a problem with another co-worker and when things don't work out between them one of them might bail which can be stressful because then we have to go out and find another person to take their place which can take a long time. 5 If you could change your job in some way, what would you change? Nothing! 6 Does you job effect oyr personal life, If so how? Yes, i had to quit going to college to take all the time into working all of this. 7 What further education or degrees, liscenses or ther credntilas are re quired for entrey or advacnement in your kind of work? I would honestly say as long as you know what you are getting yourself into, you don't really need anything else then just dedication and commitment. It's a tough ride, you will encounter problems amoung members of the team and it's your job to settle them before it gets out of hand and sometimes you have to make harsh decisions. 8 What trade/profession groups do you belong to? I belong to the Entrepreneur group. 9 What ablilities, interrests, values, and personality characteristics are important in your field? Being able to cope with changes, being an excellent role model to the team, and most importantly getting everything in place. 10 How do you usually laern about job openings in your filed? Normally I learn about job openings by research and then evaluate to find the best one that suited my skill set. 11 If you were hiring someone today, for an entry level position in your field, what would be the msot critical factors influencing your choice of one candidate over another? Being able to work with other team members is very important, being a self-starter helps out a lot, and doing research on the job as there will be problems typically with any position you hold and you must research for the answer. I hope this helps and good luck with your assignment. Kind regards, Chris.