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  1. Nikopol_AU

    Image Processing Server

    Send the video stream to your "Image Processing Server". Split the video into individual frames there. Assign frames to GPUs. You will save a lot of bandwidth this way.
  2. Nikopol_AU

    Logging in with launcher app

      Eve Online.  
  3. Nikopol_AU


    Excuse me, why is this problem being discussed in Multiplayer and Network sub-forum?
  4. Try Google Protocol Buffers: https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/
  5. Nikopol_AU

    RTS Server architecture

    Slightly offtopic question:   With lock-step deterministic architicture each client needs to know everything that other clients are doing. Would it mean that this solution is inherently prone to "all map visible" type of cheats ?
  6. Nikopol_AU

    Max Player Update

      In Eve Online developers used to put more resources into less populated areas.
  7. Nikopol_AU

    Advices for MMORPG programming

    For the love of God, start with online Pong.
  8. What is to keep someone from calling that exact same address in a browser and changing 100 gold to 10000000?   What is to keep someone from disassembling your client and sending the same 1mil gold request from Client itself?   Number One Rule: never trust a client   The solution to your problem is to change protocol from:   Client: "I opened this chest and now I have 100 more gold" Server: "Ok"   to something like:   Client: "I want to open this chest". Server: "You succeeded. This chest contained a treasure. You now have 100 more gold". Client: "Ok"
  9. Nikopol_AU

    Understanding network code

    Basic idea:   Player 1 moves, and sends its own updated position to server. Server sends Player 1's updated position to Players 2,3,4 and 5.   And then there is a whole world of magic like "lag compensation", "cheating prevention", "bandwidth management", "dynamic game entry/leave", etc...
  10. Realm Of The Mad God. Real-time; Multiplayer; Client is written in Flash and can be played in browser. So, yes, it can be done.
  11. The problem is that connection quality can change over time. In both directions.   Start sending updates at certain pre-defined rate. When connection quality decreases (more and more packets get dropped), you respond by decreasing your update rate. When connection quality has been good for certain time, you can start to increase your update rate.
  12. Nikopol_AU

    UDP and TCP

    In fast-paced FPS game, I plan to send updates stream from server to client using UDP. Is it a good idea to send user actions from client to server using TCP ? Or maybe it will be better to send this info using UDP and some delivery guarantee protocol ?
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