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    After teaching a game dev bootcamp for teens over the summer, I've had the itch to start a blog to help people get into programming/game dev/building stuff. The only thing is that there are a ton of directions to take this vague idea, and I want to write things that, you know, people want to read. I'm working as a professional game programmer, finishing a master's degree in computer science after getting an unrelated bachelor's degree, I've tested ways to make myself more productive, I believe I interview well, and I am not afraid to negotiate salary. I don't write that to sound like I'm bragging, I'm just trying to describe what I feel I'm bringing to the table. So what would you find more interesting to read about, or what is most outside of your personal wheelhouse?   A) Making games / getting into the game industry B) Productivity / increasing your focus on coding C) Interviewing / negotiating / getting a job D) Programming skills / debugging / building things a step at a time E) Something else altogether?   A lot of people start programming blogs, but they're generally very unfocused or full of the same information as everyone else (learn C++! Starting out in web dev! The best IDE to use!). All of that is important and I have my opinions, but I want to actually add value to the internet. I'd love if you'd vote for one of the options I wrote by leaving a comment. If you're already solid in everything I listed, a vote for what you think less experienced people could use would be great too. Thanks everyone!
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