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  1. Hi, im in the same situation than you, if you want you can write me and talk about projects and start some sort of newbie team. Seephirot.93@gmail.com
  2. Seephirot

    Java Tutor.

    I just want to know someone can tutor me like guide me into the java game development, i know the basics now for java but it is difficult to me to continue to game development, if someone can help me and guide me please?
  3. Seephirot

    Question about gamedev

    And for game programming which one should i pick? Java or C#? I need the one i can see results faster.
  4. Seephirot

    Question about gamedev

    Im more interested in programming because for me just do a game with the engine is kind of boring, but programming a game is much more difficult, someone can guide me with java game development? Some good 2D libraries or tutorials to these libraries?
  5. Seephirot

    Question about gamedev

    Sorry for my bad English. I started join forums to learn about game programming, i pick up as first language java and learn the basics but when i started to look for make games i see it is some sort of more difficult than i expected. So i have a question, should i continue learning java and learning how to make graphics and games with it or just pick some engine like gamemaker or uniti or udk that they are focused more on just making games?
  6. Hi guys, im starting to learn Java and i need help on what book i should read to really know the basics to learn game programming, so if any of you could recommend a book. I found that this books are usefull - Thinking in Java - Java the complete reference - Java for the absolute beginner Thanks.
  7. Im new on programming, and i really want to program games, im learning java but i wanna know how much of this language i need to know to start game programming? Or should i start learning right directly from game development?
  8. Seephirot

    Questions about java.

    Im really interested at starting programming, i dont know nothing programming, so making a research i decide to start learning right form java programming, making more researches i start reading "Thinking in Java" book. But i dont know how much i need to know to start at making even the most simple game or learning gaming programming. And any recommendation for any java game programming book? PD: Im Venezuelan, so sorry for my bad english. Thank you all.
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