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  1. Trouble following Lazyfoo tutorials with Xcode

    I ended up figuring it out. By changing "hello.bmp" to "" (where x is the name of the app) it seems to work even if I copy the .app to the desktop and run it. Yay! Of course, it seems obvious in hindsight..
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get more familiar with SDL by going through the lazyfoo tutorials, and I'm only on lesson 01, but I'm having trouble with relative paths and getting 'hello.bmp' to load properly with Xcode. If I go to Project -> Edit Active Executable and changing Set The Working Directory to 'Project Directory', that gets the image to load, but that won't work when I need to distribute the .app . I've been Googling for literally an hour now and I feel like an idiot because I get the feeling this is one of those things that is supposed to be brain-dead simple, but for whatever reason this time around, isn't. Does anyone know how to include 'hello.bmp' in the .app and how to call it from the code so that it loads properly?