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  1. Landman

    Bloody Mary: Forgotten Curse

    Bloody Mary is a open-world survival horror with stealth, narrative and adaptive elements that the player can take advantage of to survive. It is the player’s role to escape from Mary, who is never far and stalking the player as they try to figure out how to escape from the realm. Littered around the realm are whailers that may alert Mary to the player’s location … or distract Mary for the players to throw her off their trail. Stealth, misdirection, wit and an analytical mind are required to escape this nightmare. Visit our site for more info
  2. Landman

    Punch Club (ex. VHS Story)

    Hey Dartius! Keep up the brilliant work! This is looking awesome! :)
  3. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    So it's finally here. I've shortened the game a lot. Development of Robolegs will move over to a new engine which is a far more capable engine of achieving what I originally envisioned. So... download the current game. Tell me what you think. What are you waiting for?! Go download the game... Landman
  4. Landman

    Deadly Walkers: Zombie Game (PC/Mac)

    This looks really neat! :) What engine is this being developed in?
  5. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Hey all I've just updated the screenshots on the previous reply. THe development of Robolegs was delayed quite a bit because my personal life took a beating but now things are on track and I'm back into full swing.   Robolegs will be split into 2 games. Robolegs 1 (Single Player) and Robolegs 2 (Multiplayer). Each game will be powered by a different engine. I have about 12 maps designed for the single player so far. A demo is on the way as soon as I have solved some AI issues the upload will be available. :)   Let me know what you think?   THanks, Landman
  6. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    In Game Screenshots Orion City Faction Base Forest Level
  7. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Hey all! Just updated all the screenshots to show the new UI and 3rd person view. Hope you like what you see. There is a video coming soon. Robolegs also has a site up now. Looking forward to feedback?
  8. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    TGIF Gamedevs! Here's an update on Robolegs, * Added Third Person view * Revamped the GUI. * Deathmatch Multiplayer is working! More game modes will be added!
  9. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Thanks a lot. Really appeciate the comment! Yeah, the jumping feature is quite unique, it's super fun when you play against friends. The Snow Patrol Mech is also my favorite one.
  10. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Hey guys, Just wanted to show some of the new level design that I've started. Also the screenshots on the first post have been updated to reflect the new Orion City Map design. New Levels
  11. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Hey all! Here is the update Mech that the player uses in Robolegs. Please let me know what you think?
  12. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Hey all! Development of Robolegs restarted. The game is longer running on FPSC due to lack of performance and limitations of the engine. Luckily any artwork could be used again in the new development. Here's a teaser: [media][/media] Thanks, Landman
  13. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Hey all, Just to give you some more goodness. I've added some gameplay footage in the first post. [media='600x600'][/media] Thanks, Landman
  14. Landman

    Robolegs - Mech FPS

    Here's a bit of an update. Finally have a working enemy AI mech and started with a new level design. Faction Base What do you guys think so far? Thanks, Landman
  15. Landman

    Free MMORPG Maker

    Woah! I bet this is going to grow into something quite amazing in the future. Going to definitely keep my eyes on this Kezip! Perhaps you should put up a video on the site demonstrating the "ease" of use and capabilities of the program. It will entice people to download it and use it. Landman
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