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    OOP is dead, long live OOP

    Composition based OOP ( where it makes sense) is great and can see it being used locally ( sub-component level ). Or any other piece of hot-code where you really need to optimize after the system is designed and approved. Losing the abstraction layer of components, for example, seems a bit heavy-handed to me. Would be hard pressed to see our hundreds of components done this way. It could be done, I'm sure, but at what cost to development/ maintenance time? The example as far as I understand it ( based on this tiny snippet ) has a similar problem to unity's ECS framework. It requires an upfront, close-to-complete, system design and is rather inflexible in nature. Any more than a trivial gameplay change requires a programmer and at least one recompile. Does it not create a host of other complications like designer-specified data, toolset integration, regular inheritance use-cases like automatic script bindings, etc ? One of our major risks is iteration speed and it's only very rarely programming iteration speed ( at least in the mobile world ). Granted, on more constrained platforms with fiercer competition ( to be read as the graphics race ) I can see this as being an affordable compromise
  2. Tudor Nita

    OOP is dead, long live OOP

    Aras's example has been used in many a production-ready ( to be read as shipped ) games and engines. It's far from a straw-man example IMHO. It seems like an (anti?)pattern that works well with quick turn-around times, ever-changing requirements and the realities of big-business game dev. Out of curiosity has anyone seen the "proper OOP" example actually used in a non-trivial, modern, title? I am asking from honest curiosity.
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