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  1. Nice.. better .. better .. more better.. more.. MAOR.. and it's an overkill :( #StoryOfMyLife
  2. this is interesting videogames info since 1975
  3. Wonder why some names came out different in different languages? Like Aristotle is Arastu and Egypt is Misr, Greece is Unaan in Hindi
  4. As a kid, this game was impossible for me - Spartan-X. Equivalent to the present day The Impossible Game.
  5. Terry Gilliam explains how he does it. I love the rapid prototyping
  6. PHP code is the hardest to read. Or maybe I'm using the wrong tools, which is the text editor.
  7. C++ pointer strangeness

    You can just try is yourself by printing the pointers and everything should be clear: [CODE]printf("BEF: %p\n",reversed); reversed = new char[strlen(src)+1]; printf("AFT: %p\n",reversed);[/CODE] and in main() [CODE]printf("START: %p\n",reversed); reverseString(original, reversed); //reversed should be assigned in here printf("END: %p\n",reversed);[/CODE] On my machine it prints something this: [CODE]START: 0x0 BEF: 0x0 AFT: 0x7fdc68c000e0 END: 0x0[/CODE] And now read the answers posted above
  8. The basics of the GLKMath_cpp wrapper are done. Now comes the hard part - The UnitTesting
  9. and this time I'll use JavaScript not C++, or maybe emscripten
  10. Wow! the app got approved in first attempt. This looks like a great beginning :D
  11. I updated the long forgotten dev log #CapturePath
  12. The biggest benefit of coding at standing desk I've felt so far is that, you can actually dance when the code compiles with 0 warnings.
  13. OK that bug was strange, two xibs in the project with same name, and were getting initialized at each alternate run, but why not random?