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  1. BlackMusic

    Back again, posted new works!

    Good day, dear colleagues!  Back again with some great news. Strategic Music has produced all audio (music, FX, English vo) to ?1 HOG BFG game 9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame Collector's Edition.   One of the gametracks, comments appreciate: http://strategicmusic.ru/docs/portfolio.html?wid=320 (!!Sorry for Rus version, because we've not moved this project to English site yet.)   Thank you for attention! Best wishes, Alex
  2. BlackMusic

    Back again, posted new works!

    Dan Mayor, thank you very much for your attention!!! Unfortunately, I cant work on game projects without my team. But our studio can it all (400+ commercial projects ahead) We do all the stuff, related to audio/music, working always 24h/7d. You may check our website in my signature and contact our CEO Dmitry, he always answering) We'll aprreciate attention from any potential clients!!! p.s. plus not expensive as many USA sound|music studios Seems that last time I have not posted some new audiotracks. Here we are: https://soundcloud.com/alex_chorny/born-on-the-prairies-sketch https://soundcloud.com/alex_chorny/once-we-met-on-earth Sincerely, Alex!
  3. BlackMusic

    Back again, posted new works!

    Nate, thank you so much for answering me! Very glad you've enjoyed it!
  4. Good day to you, colleagues! I haven't been here some time. Now Im working as a composer in Strategic Music studio, which leads in game sound/music prod. in Russia.   I'd like to show off a few our newest works. Your feedback is much appreciated!   Lake House: Children of Silence (Alawar) - main theme   Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman (Fenomen Games/BFG) - Intro Video   Thank you for an attention!!  I will post there new tracks as they'll be in future! Sincerely, Alexandre.
  5. BlackMusic

    Criticize my music =)

    Thank you so much for your replies. They are very useful for me! Now I'm working almost in "academic" composition. However, I'll keep practice on film/game music production! Once again, thank you!
  6. BlackMusic

    Criticize my music =)

    Hello colleagues!!!! For 2+ years I've been studying how to compose orchestral music on PC =)) Here some works, made on Cubase + orchestral samples... Need critique!) http://soundcloud.com/alex_chorny (Greetings from Ukraine, btw =)))))
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