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  1. Cheers Dynamo_Maestro, they'll be pretty helpful, I'll look into getting them, but until then I should be fine (only slowed down a little), after all I'm always questioning things so if my book doesn't tell me, the internet will =D I figured that much about game development. my problem is that I do get impatient after a while, but I've found my workaround to that by using engines while also learning programming separately. Speed doesn't bother me too much as long as I have something to keep me entertained. I won't be dying any time soon.
  2. Well folks, I feel quite bad that it's been 7 posts before my response, but in my defence those were very fast responses Anyway, I think some people are getting the impression that I've picked up my C++ book and now it's time to make a game... Nope, I'm starting right at command line like a patient programmer! Where I'll then get to grips with the fundamentals of the language (and of programming in general). I've got no worries about C v.s. C++ for learning the fundamentals though, because I naturally question everything I'm being told to repeat. As in, I won't continue with my program until I understand in full detail wtf I just typed up. There was one time a few years back that I refused to compile my Hello World program (when I knew it would work) until I understood why we put "#include <iostream>" at the top. Aye 3Ddreamer, you seem to be on pretty much the same wavelength as me, and I do want to have the ability to do, to some extent at least, some work for myself. That way, if there's ever something that just can't be communicated (as is the case sometimes with my ideas), then I can make a start on it myself and say "That's what I want". I'm basically trying to bring my visions to life - with the prospect of profit being secondary - so that I can then put into the game industry/community whatever I feel is missing. I can sustain my self with part-time work and I'm going to have an apprenticeship as an electrician in my uncle's company once I have a few things out of the way - So profit itself isn't that important. Besides, I'm almost certain my ideas will sell, so my only worry is marketing, etc. CdrTomalak, I need both But that's another reason I'm splitting my studies - I'm pretty sure I can multi-task if it's split up correctly, programming and content creation being the major tasks and engines (which I'd then import my content into) being a more minor task. Well I've pretty much got all the advice and confirmation I needed from here, I really just wanted to make sure I was on the right track and have a look at other people's opinions and advice. Cheers folks, I'll be seeing you all around the community P.S. if any of you just so happen to be gamers, feel free to add me on Steam and XBL Steam: FlamingPubes XBL: GlezgaViking
  3. Cheers everyone. The thing is, Faelenor, I'm trying to balance my creative and technical abilities because some days one part of my brain is just dead. That, and I want to have more entry points that just "Tester, or designer". But I will definitely look at Unity, I have UDK but I guess I just opened it, thought "oh, shieeet", and started playing the demo game instead. I do use RPG Maker XP, which allows me to use the scripting language as well (Ruby) so it's ideal, but I get so annoyed at the selection of RTP materials that I end up trying to make my own Goran, I've never considered watching lecture videos but I've always used internet tutorials, I'll keep using the internet as my main research method, I just prefer something a bit more complete and consistent. I'll look at those playlists either tommorow or some time during the week - currently my "technical brain" is sleeping. That's my biggest curse and most valuable gift, that parts of my brain are constantly switching on and off. That's exactly what I thought, HKei. I appreciate Goran's advice on the matter but I also think it'll just confuse me - I don't see why it would be worse to start on C++ from a beginner's perspective.
  4. Hi everyone, it feels wrong to say this considering I've been programming and designing games since I was about 10... But... I suppose I must admit I'm still at the beginner level So I come to you now as a beginner hoping to finally do what I never done as a kid - Go somewhere with my interest. I'm 18 now, and a part-time member of the real world, with a job, an upcoming apprenticeship (in a non-gaming trade) and my ultimate goal in mind - to become a game developer. It's time to start building my skills. So, I was trying to decide between content creation and programming. I could embrace my creative abilities and master content creation (e.g. 2D graphics, music) and put it into RPG Maker or something... Or I could learn C++ first and have a lot more control over my games, with the drawback of creating crappy content or using stock content. What I decided in the end was, I'll do a bit of each. Be well rounded (as I try to be in all things). That's probably the best route for an aspiring leader/designer (with a degree of independence), right? And what would be a good way to mix all that together without overloading myself? (herein lies Questions 1 & 2) Now as I mentioned I'm using C++ as my programming language, and I'm not learning it in college or anything (I have neither the time nor the interest in the education system), so I'm currently reading Michael Dawson's "Beginning C++ Game Programming"... Is this a book you would recommend? And I'd like to be aware of any upcoming problems that might not be described in this book - e.g. math concept. (Questions 3 & 4) That's all I'll bug you lot with today - Cheers for any help you can give me, hopefully the advice you give here will kick off something big
  5. ForTheAncients

    Name for MMORPG

    Unhappy Campers. I understand it's a simple game, but surely there must be a little more to it than "people are in camps and can pick jobs and are fighting", at least if you plan to release this to the public. If not, well you don't really need to worry about the name. If there is more to it, share that with us and I'm sure you'll get some better answers =D
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