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    Open World games in Unity game engine?

    You don't need to have amazing rig to create an open world game, but do expect some lag if you over-crowd certain areas. I'm currently making Open-world as well and I noticed that the biggest drop in framerate comes from massive cities, overload of FX (basically anything above 20 at screen causes FPS drop and my comp is a little better than yours), and if a certain area is running a buttload of scripts. If you can limit yourself in those areas, you should be fine (unless, of course, you use 4x textures and high-poly models, then good luck good sir :D)
  2. As the title says, I've got some questions about character creation. Here's my current bare-bone-prototype:       Now, I have a few simple questions:   1. Since the skeleton is there just so I know the positions of things, when I add my own character, what is the easiest way to change his looks? Is it via object colliders or standard GUI.Button command? Also, how do I change models on him (I mean which command): weapons, hair etc. etc.   2. I know it's possible but since I'm not that experienced in programming, how to I create a set of prefabs basically that would "create" character classes? It would basically just distribute the points depending on what pre-determined one they select (warrior, ranger, mage etc.). Just the overal idea on how to do it will suffice I think.   3. Is it possible to "run animation via button press?" For instance, player clicks "attack" icon and my model does attack animation. I know it's possible, but what is the best way to go around it? Using the animator or can I single out my animations and run then in seperate scripts, each assinged to a different icon?   I hope someone can help me out on this one. Sorry if some things made no sense, I just woke up (yeah, I know it's almost 1pm ...). Thanks in advance :)
  3. Title says it all pretty much.   About three months ago or so I've started making my own game (with some basic prior knowledge in Javascript, but I quickly dropped it and picked C# because it seemed as a better solution to me; also, I had enough experience in Illustrator/Photoshop (roughly 6 years for each) to not stagger when it came to art design) but now I've hit a wall. A wall I like to call "things I get but can't put together" - which is basically a transition from beginner to whatever comes next in C#.   I've read a lot of tutorials and managed to follow most of them, and did try a couple of books (but I get too tired from reading 100 pages only to get to the basic descriptions of Vectors), but the process of creation slowed down tremendeously. The game isn't all that complicated: infinite runner of sorts with some platforming and combat elements and customazation. Basic stuff you see on Android every day (2D).   TL:DR - I'm looking for a book/a series of tutorials/whatever which will help me move forward from my basic knowledge of C#. Just so you can have a rough idea, here are some things I can create from scratch:   - Basic 4 directional movement / 2 directions + jump / standard controls for 3rd person 3D / FPS (I have basic knowledge of Vectors, transform, axes etc.) - Basic GUI (I have basic knowledge of GUI Text syntaxes as well as changing its value) - Colliders (basic knowledge of "On Trigger" collision to activate something) - Basics of triggering animations - Scene transitions (erm ... I can type Application.LoadLevel ...  I guess)   Things I can create with some reminders:   - HP/Mana system with over-time-decay (still struggling to figure out on hit decay) (only with GUI Text though, so I'd like a transition to art) - Double jumping (I understand the concept but always fail to execute it on my own) - Simulation of movement - Camera follow - Infinite looper   As you can see, it's not much, but it was enough to get me started.   So ... any recommendations as to where I should pick up from now on?   Art and animation aren't problems - only programming is. I have no intention of becoming a master in programming, mind you, since my main focus is art/animation (2D primarily), so nothing major needed   Thanks in advance, I hope I was clear enough P.S. I apologize for any spelling mistakes. Oh, I forgot to mention I use Unity as the Game Engine if that matters at all.
  4. MAND4

    Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    I'm in, teaming up with Phz  :)  Nice idea :) 
  5. BASIC INFO Name: Path of Blood Genre: Hack 'n slash / Adventure / Action Platforms: PC, XBOX360, PS3 (INTRO - Grimmer is lying down on the ground, chained with his body cut; Eldor is standing above him - dim light is coming out of Eldor's hand (the small flame is burning)) Grimmer: Free me brother! Release me from these chains that are my curse! Let me fulfill my destiny! Eldor: You've fought and vaged your wars my brother. Your time to rest ... has finally come. Grimmer: We both know there is yet more to be fulfilled! Do not let me die in this shame! Eldor: You've proven the world who you are and what you can do. You've risen enough to be feared ... even from yourself. Grimmer: It is all a lie! Everything I did, everything that was bidden to my name - it was never mine brother! I never vaged my soul at half - I've never had doubts ... find in your heart the truth! Eldor: Farewell brother ... May the Spirits welcome you across. (Flame goes off; lighting strikes Grimmer and he dies) Arzak: So naive ... so young ... so ... innocent. (coming out of the shadows with eyes burning red) Eldor: Master, what are you doing here? Arzak: Your brother was much wiser than you my child. He saw ... what we sown. He saw what we were about to do ... and he tried to warn you ... he paid by his life. Eldor: What ... what are you saying? Arzak: You foolish boy! Feel the wrath of the darkness! (entire room explodes, Arzak turnes into darkishly-blue burning wraith, floating above the ground - Eldor starts running - game begins) (CONCEPT) This is basically fight-your-way-through game where you don't get to upgrade your powers but you learn them as the time passes by. You begin with one, simple weapon and you get stronger each time you kill a boss or do some maniac-spree (You kill 50 enemies without being attacked and so). The game uses 3rd camera and the world is set in the world that is yet to be created in my head (but I know that there will be 7 parts of it). You get to try out basically every type of weapon (two hands, dual-wield, two hands wips, dual-wield wips, bare hands, glaicers, magic and so on) The game gives a concept of freedom which shows mostly in boss fights. You have ability to fly which can transcend fights into air and back within a moment, giving another epic touch to it. All the battles are set in different locations and each boss has it's way to make you sweet. It provides entire free concept of movement that is mostly shown in boss fights which were action filled from beginning until the end (without breaks where boss walks around or waits you to hit him) - you vage your skill constantly, avoiding his attacks and trying to penetrate his defenses. (STORYLINE) Eldor, after running away from the Garul, City of Light, begins a quest to unfold the layers of lies that were ploated before him. He's guided by the spirit of his dead brother, who gives him a knowledge of the Tree of Cursed - the bloodline of seven demi-gods that were created at the beginning of time to vage the balance between good and evil. As the time passed by, they began to thirst for power - and by the power they were led. He faces them one by one in epic battles that disturb the core of the Earth. He learns one more secret: each time one of seven dies, one part of Earth turns rotten and the Ruller of Seven gains the power of his slave. (ELDOR) Silver chest and legs armor, rest by customatizaton. Rather young, 25-30 years. Can use both hands for one weapon or dual-wield or use magic as the source of power (they can be combined with the reduction of damage on both sides) Can choose a path of Gladiator (Slower but more devastating blows with Two Handed weapons, bonus damage on dual wield but great reducion of magic damage), Guider (Can equiq two-handed weapons in one hand with small damage reducion and unability to use magic), Balancer (Reduced damage on Two Handed weapons, Reduced attack speed on dual wield but greatly increased magic damage and speed), Savager (Small increase on attack speed while wielding Two Hands, greatly increased damage, responses and agility while wielding dual wields, and usage of magic is more often but with greatly reduced damage) These paths actually work as Stances and can be changed on certain points in game (beginning of the chapter, before boss or inbetween) (ENEMIES) I don't have full picture of all creatures in my head - I think of them mostly as a forsaken humans of some sort with dark powers or soo. There's much more here to be written. (CONCLUSION) This is basically fighting game with throughout story which unfolds as the chapters pass. The fights are fully open without restriction (but space) - you can fly up in the air, smash onto ground, avoid attacks - everything. Bosses reactions are quick and they vage from the way boss fights. For instance, my idea of first boss 'Champion of Swift Merill' is to be agile, fast on feet and with tons of spells which unravel around his speed but he does not do that much damage and recives lots of damage because of weak armor. The game offers throughout possibility of modifications your abilities before boss and gives you concept of what that boss will do - it is up to you to plan strategy. Either it will be combination of magic and savage melee, or purley on or another, depends on your style and the style of boss. The idea is still in early stage and there is still lots to be done so this is basically 'basics' of how it all would look. I imagied Seven Bosses to be either downrage form (starting with surface and deepening down) or uprange form (starting from surface to sky) but it is rather irrelevant now. This is my third game idea/story but first in this concept. All criticism and suggestions are welcome.
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