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    Just like that. Ask and a moderator will magically make it happen. If you haven't read them already, I suggest you read the Breaking In forum FAQs. They cover a lot of the questions you have asked. [/quote] Awesome thanks I will check it out.
  2. Thyrian


    How do Iget this topic moved to breaking into the industry
  3. Thyrian


    What exactly is it you would like to do in a gaming company? Theres many different fields that require different specialities, gaming companies dont just recruit artists / game programmers, theres positions that range from web development to DBA, some positions dont even require any programming like advertisement. Also your first link is broken [/quote] Honestly not 100% sure which aspect I want to do yet . I can not draw at all and math is not really my strongest subject. The animation portion seems very interesting. This course sounds awesome except i cant draw and you cant speclize in animation till year 2. I fixed the link by the way.
  4. Thyrian


    Oh I guess I just assumed there would be programming in there. I can not draw at all so i may have to find a different program . I am not 100% sure which aspect of gane development i want to take but game animation sounds very apealing plus my math skills suck atm.
  5. Thyrian


    I would want to get into a gaming company.
  6. Thyrian


    I have decided I really need to go back to school and try to fulfill my dream of Video game development, instead of killing my hands painting for the rest of my life. Now this is the course I am interested in http://www.georgebrown.ca/Marketing/FTCal/design/G109.aspx . I do not have any sort of portfolio at all. Now the problem is I have been out of school for 4+ years and I remember nothing at all about it, mathematics specifically. Anyone know what sort of maths are needed for this field? Or can anyone point me in the right direction to some sort of math refresher course online or something in Ontario. I have taken visual basic and turing in high school but like i said that was 4+ years ago so i really dont remeber much and what I did do I cant really use as a portfolio thats not recent. Fixed broken link.
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