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  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post on this forums! Im a guy thats studying animation and illustration, but Im looking to start getting my feet wet in C++ programming. I have done a few projects in C# and Java, but nothing really complex. I decided to start with Lazy Foo's tutorials, but Im having problems trying to set up the SDL libraries to work with Visual Studio. I first tried the approach on this tutorial, but later I found out that I'm actually using C++ 2010, not 2005-08 as the example. [url=""][/url] But the tutorial was outdated for my program, so I did a bit more research and I found this one, which focus on Visual Studio 2010 [url=""][/url] I managed to finish it, but I still got errors and I wasnt able to make it work out. I believe it doesnt work as the approach says its for Visual Studio 2010, and Im using Visual C++ 2010. So I wanted to ask the community for help, as I keep looking online but still can get the program to work Thanks in advance!