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  1. It looks pretty interesting, though we don't have much info yet. I guess it might be some kind of puzzle game where you have to use the agents, each for a special task.
  2. Hyde Wyvern

    The World Ends With You

    Hahahaha, you should ;D it's a really creative action RPG, no knights or castles. I love the setting and has an unique plot.
  3. Hyde Wyvern

    GDD - Game Design Document

    Here's an example of a game called "An Ant's Life" http://www.cs.tufts....ignDocument.pdf I attached a GDD template I found a few weeks ago (which is the best I've seen so far) ago but i don't remember the author
  4. Hyde Wyvern

    The World Ends With You

    Welcome! I'm new to, but I haven't introduced myself because there's no welcome forum....whatever. The world Ends With You, is an awesome game!
  5. Hi, I'm a high-school junior from Guatemala, and I'm going to apply for university scholarships outside my country. I've many options and I would really appreciate your advice in this matter. When it comes Software/Video-Games related careers, where do you think I should go? Some of my options are France, the UK, Japan(I've family there), Korea and the US. I only speak Spanish, English and Japanese. I already have some advanced knowledge in programming and computer graphics. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hyde Wyvern


    You're right, CitiesXL is more about beautiful and massive cities, but it's kind of boring.
  7. Hyde Wyvern


    SimCity2000 and SimCity 4 are my favorites. I'm really exited about SimCity 5, I hope it's a 100 times better than SimCity Societies (yeah I bought it and it was s....special?) BTW, now than the SimCity topic comes out, does anyone here plays CitiesXL?
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