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    Game released and the future

    Well Gunthera has been my online name for a very long time just not in the game dev community. So I figured I might as well change it sooner rather than later. Plus a name sounds better than "habituegames" I think it sounds odd to refer to someone like that I think. 
  2. HabitueGames

    Game released and the future

    So this week I released Demolition Dan on Google play. If people end up buying it and want more levels I'll create more and patch them in. I have the habit of getting demotivated near the end of projects that's why I went ahead and finished up Demolition Dan. Things that could of gone better Planning Planning Planning, more Planning! Making a more detailed outline and the scope of the project. Also for the past couple of projects I've been working on I've used the same code multiple times but I rewrote it every time. So from now on i'm going to save the code to prevent me from having to rewrite the same thing over and over. A clear plan on monetization would have helped as well, in the beginning I had an idea of a cash shop but then it turned into just a one time payment of $0.99. And here is a link to the Google play page if you are interested. Link The future for Gunthera Well I have a couple game ideas floating around in my head and I think Im going to make something of a "Reverse Rogue-like" if that makes any sense. It will be made for windows. Im going to take what I learnt from Demolition Dan and apply to this new project. Also a question for anyone reading, do you think I should stick with the pixel art and try to get better at it, or move away from pixel art?
  3. HabitueGames

    Demolition Dan: Need some Testers

    Hey, thanks for letting me know about the music problem, currently I'm making two versions of the game one will be for mobile and the other will be for Computers. The change you mentioned though will definitely be added in to the computer version of the game!
  4. HabitueGames

    Demolition Dan: Need some Testers

    Wow thanks a ton everybody the feedback has been great. The bugs will be relatively easy to fix.   @Edvinas  I have an idea on how to fix that, right now when the TNT explodes it sends a impulse based on the distance from the TNT to a block. I will change it to be where if there is a another block between the TNT and another block it will have less of an affect on it.   @Zeybey Thanks for trying to find all the little bugs in the game, and I will definitely make that line change.   @dejaime Yeah I forgot to make the ground actually a entity like the rest of the game lol. Thats an easy fix.   It seems a couple people would also like different types of explosives, and I will be working on that along with all the other things mentioned here!
  5. HabitueGames

    Demolition Dan: Need some Testers

    Hey guys (and gals), this week I'm going to be needing some feed back from anyone interested in testing Demolition Dan. If you don't know what Demolition Dan is then I will attempt to explain it. It is a 2D Controlled demolition game, where the goal is to knock a building down below a threshold using a limited number of explosives. Demolition Dan is being made for the following platforms. Windows Android ?(I do not own any other devices currently to test on so for now I will be sticking to those two platforms) Here is the download link -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/56bk9yczlxpmghv/Demolition_Dan-Default- I would like be really grateful for feedback for the game. I want to make any community suggested changes within the next week so I can make this game as good as it can be. I will be taking feedback through the comments section under this journal, or through my email at habituegames@gmail.com I already have taken in some feedback from some close friends and one of them is a options menu/ volume slider which I will be working on. Thanks for reading!
  6. HabitueGames

    Demolition Dan: Sounds and adding Levels!

    Thanks! I found a soundtrack that I think will fit the game well!
  7. These past couple of days have been focused around making sound effects for Demolition Dan, I've decided I would use non 8-bit sounds in this game. Also I've been working on making levels and it's shown to be fairly easy, I can design about 10 levels in an hour. I may decide on using 8-bit sounds if people think that it would be better than 'normal' sounds. Youtube Video I'm not sure exactly how many levels I want in the game but I think somewhere between 30-50 Would be decent. So here are some questions for the readers... Should the music be 8-bit/chiptune? Should the sound effects be 8-bit? How many levels do you think should be in Demolition Dan? Thanks for reading! You should be able to expect another update later this week or early next week!
  8. HabitueGames

    Demolition Game: Art..

    So for the last couple of days I've been working on the Demolition Game, and I'm at the point where i'm focusing on the main menu screen and the level select screen art. One thing I can say is I cant stand making art for level select screens and main menus, I never am satisfied with what it looks like. Main Menu Level Select Game Screen These are not final versions of how the game will look just a rough draft. Changes The game has changed a bit from its first in-vision there will not be a shop, but there may be different kinds of explosives available to the player. The reason I simplified the game a little more is because I want to finish this game, and adding a shop may make it unnecessarily hard. The game-play is reasonably enjoyable but that could just be because I like physics games. How the game works The gameplay is fairly simple, you drag the TNT into the level from the big one in the GUI, and once you've placed all the TNT you want you press the boom button to make all the TNT explode. The goal is to knock down the building to be below the dashed white line. There will also be different kinds of blocks that make up the buildings you will be knocking down. Well that's all I can think of to write for this week. Thanks for reading, suggestions/feedback are appreciated!
  9. HabitueGames

    NPC Portrait 2

    hello john
  10. HabitueGames

    Demolition Game Idea

    Thanks! Working on the mechanics of it now... how explosions will work... different building types... etc 
  11. HabitueGames

    Demolition Game Idea

    Things I've Learnt Since Element Rush I've learnt a couple things and added it to my mental book of "What not to do when making games". And one of the things that I noticed is, planning! planning! planning! It is such a integral part to making games, at least for me it is. It helps me avoid several things, derailing the original game idea, getting stressed from lack of clarity, and simply just losing the momentum that I started the project with! So, with a fresh start I will be able to try to start off right, learn from my mistakes that I will make during this development process and further refine myself. New Game! (Demolition Game) The Demolition Game will be made for android, and PC. If it works in HTML5 that is just a bonus but if it doesn't then... I won't worry about it. The game will take place in a city and you will see a cross section of a building, with various supports, and the goal of the game is to place the explosives and try to raise the building to the ground. Screens within the game! So we have 5 screens here that the player will be able to see. Main Menu Level Select Game Room (Will be multiples of these due to different levels) Tutorial Credits Main Menu The main menu will include the title, along with the play button, the credits button, and the tutorial button. Each button will take you to different screens. Level Select The Level Select will have all of the different levels in the game, when you start up the game for the first time, all levels will be locked except for level 1. Game Room This will include the GUI, and the level. Tutorial Just a simple tutorial on how the game works along with the controls. Credits Well...Credits! This is a rough draft of what a early level would look like. Since this is being made for Android, the game will be able to played with just touch screen. The play will click a explosive to choose from in his action bar, then drag it to the desired location, then place it inside the or around the building. Once the player is satisfied he will be able to blow up all the explosives at once by pressing the red button at the top of the screen. (The button may be placed into the Gui at some point. Depending on how much of the building is on the ground the player will receive a grade on it, A,B,C,F. You will need to get a C or higher to unlock the next level. Also you get coins which you will be able to use to buy new explosives with. Thanks for reading. I'm trying to make posts with more content in them, I will be bringing another update later in the week with some actual ingame footage!
  12. HabitueGames

    Never give up. Never surrender.

    Gotta keep in there, I know how it feels to just not post for awhile. I make excuses for myself all the time its a bad habit! Don't think of it as "This is what I could have done if I didn't waste time". Think of it as "This is what I will be able to do when I dont waste time!". Waste time as in making excuses or just feeling bummed out about something, it happens to everyone.    Good luck though on your projects! I'll be reading :)
  13. HabitueGames

    Element Rush [Playable]

    Hey guys, for the past two to three weeks I've been working on a little game called Element Rush. It's the first game that I've made with phones in mind so it's an Android game. I wanted the game to be relatively simple but based around one mechanic, basically the player dies in one hit...But.. The player has a mana shield which is also the mana you use to cast spells. So, if the player isn't too careful they may run out of mana and not be able to cast a strong enough spell to kill the enemy. This is the main character of the game. A simple wizard/mage equipped with a old staff. As of now the game is 'finished' but I will probably take in peoples suggestions and tweak the game and re-upload it! Element Rush is currently free, I don't think I will charge for it but I might if I expand upon it. You can get the game here -> Element Rush I already have plans for the next game, I think it will be for PC/Mac/ And maybe linux. Thanks for reading guys and I'll try to start making journals more frequently and with a little more substance! Feed back is appreciated!
  14. HabitueGames

    Finally here.

    Hey thanks guys for the awesome comments I've been on somewhat of a Hiatus while working on one of the new projects/ getting Archer Alec adjusted. The most up-to-date versions of Archer Alec can be found on my website www.habituegames.com Thanks for all the support!
  15. HabitueGames

    Finally here.

    Well I was contacted by a website looking to sell indie games and they wanted Archer Alec in their store. So now it's there. When I first started Archer Alec I knew next to nothing about how to make a game. And I still have a whole lot to learn about game design. Archer Alec has changed since the first version back in May of 2012, going from randomly generated terrain to static level design. This has been a huge learning experience for me. From animating, sound creation, and just plain design. I want to thank all the people who left comments and gave feedback throughout the development of Archer Alec, it's helped me a lot and has shaped the game into what it is today. And as of today I have started working on a new project, though it will be a smaller game. I am trying to apply what I learned from making Archer Alec into this new game. Starting off with a nice design document. Ill make a post once I have more of the game done. Currently Archer Alec is 4.99 Here And here is the Archer Alec Facebook Page Thanks for reading! I'm going to be giving out a couple free copies later this week.
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