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  1. To avoid confusion I am just a member of the community and in no way part of the dev or any other official team in Soulbound studios   This has one of the most experienced and active development team I have seen, they are active multiple times a day on the forums, post regular news and are overall nice.   This is taken from the overview page     First Dev journal   Second Dev journal   Feel free to join the growing community here - if you want you can use my referal code - B4ACB3
  2. I want to do a sort of work table showing the time I started and the time I finished with a 30 min break in the middle for example, which then calculates the total time worked next to it taking away break time, I'm a novice. Here is a example. This is in time; Start Lunch End Time spent working (hours) 09:30 13:00 15:00 Time goes here.
  3. Counts, Dukes and Kings

    [size=3]Counts, Dukes and Kings (CDK) is a grand 3d real-time (with the Graphics style of Crusader Kings 2) strategy game, you start as either a Bishop, Baron or Mayor.[/size] [size=3]There will be a complicated resource system, you control the food supply into the realm, you arm the troops, you train them. The game is a alternate history simulation, you get to change history, for example you could be a count in the Isle of mann and conquer the Realm of England for the Manx![/size] [size=3]The Game is set in 1000 (and will end at 1399) in Britain (then hopefully Northern Europe), your goal is to control the realm, however you can't control it all personally you will need to have vassals, your courtiers and family will own the provinces you can't (there's a set limit to what you can own depending on governance skill), this means you can give the titles away to improve there opinion of you.[/size] [size=3]The Holdings are as followed;[/size] [size=3]Religion[/size] [size=3]Small Church (the title would be Priest)[/size] [size=3]Church (Bishop)[/size] [size=3]Large Church (prince Bishopric)[/size] [size=3]Military[/size] [size=3]Permanent encampment (the title would be commander)[/size] [size=3]Fort, motte and bailey (the title would be Baron)[/size] [size=3]Keep (Baron)[/size] [size=3]Castle (Baron)[/size] [size=3]Economic[/size] [size=3]Village (Sheriff)[/size] [size=3]Town (Mayor)[/size] [size=3]City (Lord Mayor)[/size] [size=3]Province[/size] [size=3]County (Count)[/size] [size=3]Duchy (Duke)[/size] [size=3]Kingdom (King)[/size] [size=3]In a single county you could have 1 fort and 2 villages, all of which will have there perks and cons, the village will have little gold income and troop levies, however they produce agriculture to feed the realm. All of these will have upgrades, for example you can order the construction of a palisade wall around your village or do you want look-out towers for your fort, motte and bailey?[/size] [size=3]You would take control of a single character (part of a family dynasty) and you would need to have children to use as heirs (depending on the succession laws, would you allow females to be the main title holders or would you do it through the vassals voting for the new heir to the realm.[/size] [size=3]As this game is totally non-PC we will be implementing racial and cultural features, for example you would receive a moral penalty if you have Christian German and Pagan Lithuanian mercs fighting in the same lines as they historically hated each other, so we will represent that by giving penalties if you don't have a homogeneous army (I.E not all from the same people) you would have moral penalties as the troops would not like fighting with there worst enemy in the ranks.[/size] [size=3]Totally customisable troops, you get to design the troops you train for your armies (do you want cheap, spammy troops armed with cheap spears and shields only? or do you want chainmail-glad warriors highly trained?)[/size] [size=3]I have a GDD in the works, but would like some help in the game, I'm self-studying C++/C# but would like someone to help me put out a first draft for the game DD. While it may sound like it's almost cloned from CK2 (which admittedly it's heavily influenced from) it's mainly a personal project with the help (hopefully) of a team of people doing it for the joy of making games. [/size] [size=3]If interested in helping me make the first rough draft of CDK then just email me at [email="Georgecoshall2@hotmail.co.uk"]Georgecoshall2@hotmail.co.uk[/email][/size] [size=3]Regards[/size] [size=3]P.S Why couldn't I post this in the 'correct' section?[/size]