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  1. My Game Project ( 2 games )

    I have 2 games in writing. There called ''WarZone (FPS) and ''Blade of Immortal (RPG)''. There in writing and we plan to start Production in Summer 2012 . WarZone will have a great storyline set in modern future and Online, with Unreal Engine 3 ( maybe 4 if ever developed ) and will release in late 2013, hoping to make deal with sony and/or microsoft, if not happens, will release on PC. Blade of Immortal will have an awesome storyline set in 1600-1800 hundreds, free world, and making your warrior the most powerful. Set to release in late 2013 and early 2014. Will release exclusively for PC. Have any ideas just message down there (Comments) Thank You Sorry for Bad Spelling and Grammer
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