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  1. Correction... My skype username is Clapp26 I just now got home and signed in
  2. Brandon Clapp

    Starting C++

    I would recommend learning the C++ language to the point where at least you are comfortale with it and can understand what is going on before you jump into any 2d graphics. Yes, it's a lot of boring reading and trial and error, but it will save you a lot of headache in the long run. You gotta walk befor you run.
  3. Scrap, I'd be interested in swapping ideas with you, but as of yet I've not made anything. I'm fairly decent with C++, although I still read to try to understand it fully on a nightly basis. I still need to tackle a lot more before I attempt to actually getting into rendering anything, but I plan on using SFML soon, then continuing on with either dx11 or opengl (undecided right now). I'm not new to the whole programming scene, I'm fluent with PHP and some other web languages, but the concepts are a bit different with C++ so it's taking me a little while to make the conversion. I may not be able to contribute a whole lot right now, but I don't see this being a huge issue since I'm a pretty quick learner and have the motivation to tackle this. If you want to add me on skype, I believe my skype username is clapp09
  4. Brandon Clapp

    Where to start

    So far I have been using the tutorials on thenewboston.com and they are pretty good, but he doesn't do a great job of explaining some of the concepts. I'll check out those too.
  5. Brandon Clapp

    Where to start

    Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into those books.
  6. Brandon Clapp

    Where to start

    Hey guys, This is my first post here, although I have been reading through a lot of other threads. I am a long time web developer (PHP, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript...etc) so coding is not a new concept to me. I've had 1 Java programming class, although that's been a few years back. I've bought, and have gotten through about half of Beginning C++ Through Game Programming by Michael Dawson, but all of this is only command line programs. I understand that in order to use a language you have to know the syntax and blah blah blah... but I've noticed that C++ is ridiculously similar to PHP, so the syntax isn't hard to catch on to. I guess my question is... how do you bridge the gap between text based command line to GUI. Should I jump right into learning DirectX or should there be a middle step in there somewhere? I intend on starting small and working my way up... (ie starting with something somewhat simpler like tetris)
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