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    Missing RTS From IOTD

    Ah that's a shame! There was some good stuff on there! That's not the one. This one is more more modern. I remember it having tanks... and had an isometric perspective (It's all coming back to me now).
  2. gavinclift

    Missing RTS From IOTD

    Hey all! A while back there was an awesome looking RTS game in the Image of the Day section of this site, but it seems to have disappeared now. It has a realistic, pre-rendered 2D art style and I'm sure it had a German title? Or at least the website for the game was partly in German?? Possibly :-/ Can anyone remember the name of it, or have a link to their website? Last time I saw it the game wasn't complete, but might be now.
  3. gavinclift

    Canyon Dash

    A very early look at the game. This was just a couple of weeks in: [media][/media]
  4. gavinclift

    Canyon Dash

    Haha thank you
  5. gavinclift

    Canyon Dash

    Hey everyone, This is a screenshot from my latest project which I've just completed; an action game called Canyon Dash which I've created for iOS devices. Most of the work was done part time as I had a full time job when I started. Just over half way through the project I found out that the company I worked for wasn't recession proof and was shutting down; leaving me out of a job. With nothing else to do I decided to work on this game full time and get it finished. Being the first game I've ever worked on I'm quite happy with how it came out. Especially the graphics, as being a programmer at heart I don't know the first thing about graphic design. I literally learned all I know about graphics from Feng Zhu and the videos he posts on YouTube Gameplay involves using the device's tilt controls to steer the little minecart along the track and avoid dead ends and boulders that are in the way. Collecting gold bars and gems increases the players' score and dynamite crates can be collected to blow up the boulders in the way. To get the look of the game I used OpenGL ES 1.1 and pretty much 99% of the lighting is baked into the textures. The only dynamic lighting is that on the moving objects such as the minecart and the spinning pickups (gold, dynamite crates and gems). Everything else has a single baked texture applied to it and isn't lit by OpenGL at all. This meant that almost everything was rendered in a single pass. The only objects that aren't are the gem pickups; which took two passes to get the specular highlight as bright as I needed it. I hope you like the game. it's definitely been an interesting and fun project to work on (apart from the times I wanted to throw the computer out the window and cry myself to sleep). I have some updates planned, but my computer decided to die on me the day after release! Fun times If you'd like to know more please visit my website or check out the YouTube video that shows the game being played. My personal website: http://www.gavinclifton.com iTunes Page: http://itunes.apple....d508496430?mt=8 Gavin. YouTube 'Gameplay' Video: [media][/media]
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