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  1. Waow, talk about a surprising crossover #ME3 RT @SQUARE_ENIX_EU N7 armour costumes are coming to FFXIII-2 next week! http://t.co/ET5KuC1b
  2. Can we make a petition to have *normal* people regroup and write fair reviews for #ME3 on #Metacritic?
  3. Well, lots of positive feedback here, thanks a lot And useful advice too, I'll try to keep that in mind.
  4. Hi guys, I have developed a few very small projects in the past (mainly as a training), and i'm considering moving forward to my first "big" project (AAAA, obviously). Problem is, the kind of games I really like, and would really love to make are traditional RPG. By that, I mean based on exploration/story; system can be traditional (FFs, baldur's gate), or original (TWEWY, Chrono Trigger, Radiant Historia), 2D or 3D, the main thing is that I like taking players through different environments, and telling them a story, that kind of things. The question is: Is there still some room to develop indie traditional RPGs? I know that RPG are still a quite popular type of games, but they tend to all be developed by big studios, whereas indie games are more around mini-games. My overarching goal (we're talking long term), after developing a few projects, would be to manage to publish on phone market, or even DS market. I understand that some might say "just develop what you like", but I'm not sure about spending hours of work on a project if it ends up being played only by my brother and my best friend. So basically, this is the question: do people play indie RPG games?
  5. Should I feel bad for actually liking a lot #ME3 ending?
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