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  1. Write a story for this game concept

    [b]This would be a cut scene![/b] In first person, we don’t see the character yet, just where they are heading. They are running, heavily breathing. The rain is pounding down around them; the wind is rocking the trees back and forth and stirring up howling noises. The time is dusk, so there is still some light but the air is thick with autumn fog. The camera turns as if the character looks back, we see the looming tower in the distance. The character falls to their knees, all we see are two muddy, skinny white arms and the fact they are carrying a blood stained jumper. The character reaches the house (as seen in your first picture of in game footage), they turn the handle and rush inside. For the first time the character is revealed as the camera pans out. A dark haired twenty something woman, her face cut and her clothes torn. She stands now with her back against the door, catching her breath. She moves quickly to a table and fumbles about with matches and candles trying to light the dark house. I would love to know more about whether it is going to be a set adventure that the player has to "follow" or whether the protagonist can go to the different locations by choice, sort of free roam so to speak and uncover clues etc as they go along. Also, sorry if you have already said this, but what platforms would this be played on? Just to clarify...I have never written for a game before, extremely new to this, but if you like my idea I can run with it further! Thanks, Louise
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