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  1. Hello Everyone,   Today, I am very excited to announce the official launch date of Football Strategy to be May 19th. However, we will keep the beta version running until May 11th; and then game will go on maintenance mode for a week prior to final launch.    The new match schedule changes will go live on Monday and they will be tested during the last week of beta. In addition, all current languages supported by the game will be fully translated with the exception of Polish that will require more time.     It is our great pleasure to share the launch trailer and some wallpaper artwork with you that we have been working on in recent weeks:   Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV6URxaxlbk Wallpaper Artwork: http://www.footballstrategy.org/fankit.php   Presently we are planning to promote the game in various outlets to have a broader audience for upcoming launch. However, as you all would agree, the best method of advertising is always through word-of-mouth.  Therefore, we encourage you to spread this announcement to help us ensure the best possible experience from the start.   Again, we want to assure you that this launch does not mean any hiatus in the development; you can expect the usual staff-community close interaction, constant updates, and improvements to current and future features.   We’re happy that the game is about to get underway and our testers will also be our first batch of players. This is where the game’s evolution is going to begin and we hope we can depend on you all along our journey.
  2. Well the game has been under Beta a little over a year now, and with the data gathered although it is balance short-term we can't be so certain about long-term as the game can progress for many years (it's a browser football manager game - footballstrategy dot org)
  3. Hello,   Am currently seeking for someone who can check the economy of a browser game for any "loop-holes" or possible future problems with the economy/balance aspect of the game. Who or where would you recommend searching for this topic? Thanks.
  4. Greetings DP Community, I would first like to personally thank Digital Point for allowing me the opportunity in showing off Football Strategy. Football Strategy [FS] is a innovative football manager game currently in it's early stages. You will take the role as a manager of your own football club, manage it and compete with thousands of real opponents in league games, friendlies and tournaments. [FS] is focus on being a challenging strategy game with in-depth game-play to offer the ultimate realistic simulation experience. We plan to offer many unique features and expand further based on the community feedback; which is why we urge you to register to follow our development and have open discussions using our in-game forum. For more information visit our official website at: http://footballstrategy.org/splash/   You may also view our first glance trailer at Youtube: http://youtu.be/KKmrpuYPXj4 Thank you.