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  1. Forming a Team

    Yeah of course; the GDD is copyrighted and i've signed Collaboration agreements in the past on other projects so im familiar with them. In regards to the plan; is it a good idea do you think or is there other known methods for developing a project from scratch? Regards
  2. Forming a Team

    Hey all, I'm new to Gamedev so i apologise if this is in the wrong section. I'm on my final project of my degree in Games Art and design and I am looking at forming a team after I finish in July to build a demo to a game which I have designed. A 20'000 word game design document has been written for the action adventure game which is backed up by about 100 pieces of concept art for the entire project and I was looking at my options to get stuff done basically. My plan (which will have a stupid amount of holes in it i am sure) is to get find a team of about 10-12 unpaid developers which will include artists, programmers, sound designers and animators (probably amateurs looking to break into industry too) to develop a 2-3 minute video and/or playable demo for the PSV, once that is complete we could present that to either a publisher with a project proposal OR get it on Kickstarter to be able to expand the team with multiple dev kits (as the PSV dev kits are cheaper than most) to take the project to the next mile stone to then re-present to publishers to either get it upgraded to a console version or to continue the project on the handheld. Obviously this is all dependant if the project will hold up but for arguments sake; if it is good enough then would then be the right way to go about things? Or should i look at taking my GDD to a pro dev team to see if they are interested? Any feed back would be grand.
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