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  1. Beats and Rhymes are on the schedule for April.
  2. _JasonLord_

    April Stuff and Things.

    Middle of April, Lot's of stuff going on here at PSU. Music festivals, performances, gigs, recitals. But still enough time to squeeze in a journal update. I actually really surprised that my last entry received so many views (assuming 300+) is a lot. I guess now I can hope that the community will start giving suggestions on how I can better organize myself to be a game maker. I've been doing some real basic design work. including -Plotting gameplay -Forming the story -Shaping characters (in conceptual designs) -Experimenting with some music -Thinking about the overall tone that the game wants to set. My objective right now is to find a digital artist and a background artist who would be willing to start assisting me as the designing unfolds more. Unfortunately it would be more of a labor of love than any profit. But presumably there are tons of people out there who just do it because they love to... those are the kind of people I need right now, people like me. If you are interested in jumping on board, or just want to watch the games progress (however little it is right now) you should message me and we talk it up. For now though, it is just baby steps to something greater... JL.
  3. _JasonLord_

    Spring breaks out, Ideas break in.

    Well, Here is my first journal on GameDev and I am pretty stoked. At the moment I am a 5th year college student on spring break. I am getting my Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, fun stuff right? One thing I learned about music students is that there is always the uncertainty of what we really want to do with our lives (or least that is the way I have felt.) If there's one thing about me, it's that I am obsessed with Sound in general. I also do daydreaming and designing on the side, and one thing that I have always wanted to do is, DUH DUH DUH, Make a video game! I've been brainstorming this one for some time now (and with the help of a good friend) formulating ideas and concepts for it. Project: Aero-Punk A side scrolling shooter. I wont go into too much detail for a first journal entry, but at the moment, I have composed music, audio, and some preliminary sketches. Hopefully in the future I can get together a team just as crazy as me to make this game a reality. But for now, it's just a chance for you all to see a music student who has never made a video game before, try his hand at making the next best thing since sliced bread. This is gonna be awesome. JL.
  4. Starting my first developer's blog on Gamedev!
  5. What do women look for in good music? How do you think it differs from men?
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