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  1. chglove

    GDnet Birthday Thread

    happy birthday!!
  2. chglove

    DirectX 11 large size model

    OK, finally i found the reason about this problem, see this : http://msdn.microsof...0(v=vs.85).aspx in the output merge stage we need a DepthStencelState, anyway, thanks. [attachment=11606:001.jpg]
  3. chglove

    DirectX 11 large size model

    It works fine in DX10, but i don't know why in DX11 it has this issue..
  4. Hi, i am trying to convert a sample from Nvidia SDK 10 (Clipmap) to DirectX11, everything looks perfect but there is only one problem, if the sphere (or any other model) size is a little larger (I use a 20000 radius sphere), the model can not be rendered correct. see the image below. any link or article is OK, thanks for your help! PS:sorry for my bad English- - [attachment=11573:000.jpg]
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