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  1. Predictions for tonight anyone? #brfc #mufc? 2 - 0 I say.
  2. Will be cheering on Newcastle like hell today!
  3. Another 2 - 0 win. We move above #lfc. Also, Sunderland are SHIT. You are 3 - 1 up against city and you manage to concede 2 late goals.
  4. Cahill for Victor. Good call from Moyes.
  5. After #EFC getting thrashed by #WBA last year at Goodison, I hope a revenge will put us above #LFC by the end of day. #bbcfootball
  6. ... have a 6pm kick off?! WTF?
  7. The 2 most attack minded players aren't gunna make it tonight. Let's hope the rest fill their boots. #coyb #efc
  8. 3 red cards, a penalty and 5 goals. great #oldfirm derby.
  9. Reacting to a 2d collision

    Here are my files, I'm using SFML, so you'll need to relink SFML then run it. Most of the collision code is in the gameObject and main.cpp files. main - [url="http://pastie.org/3654696"]http://pastie.org/3654696[/url] player - [url="http://pastie.org/3654701"]http://pastie.org/3654701[/url] spriteManager - [url="http://pastie.org/3654702"]http://pastie.org/3654702[/url] gameObject - [url="http://pastie.org/3654708"]http://pastie.org/3654708[/url]
  10. Reacting to a 2d collision

    Hay, I've got 3 blocks. One is moveable with WASD and the other 2 are non-moveable. They all have bounding boxes and I've programmed it so that when 2 shapes intersects the moveable block gets moved back based on the width and height of the intersection. This works perectly, but only if collides with 1 block. I hold the 2 non-moveable blocks inside a vector, then I'm looping through the vector and checking the collisions. I've got 3 images to illustrate my problem. [img]http://i.imgur.com/Hmhk8.png[/img] This shows the layout, the red block is moveable, basically I'm going to be heading in an up-left direction. Holding the W and A keys. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ROrJf.png[/img] This shows that the blocks collide correctly at this point, I am still holding W and A at this point. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ReIMU.png[/img] I am continuing to hold W and A but the red block no longer heads in that direction. It gets stuck here. The problem, i think, is that the 2 green blocks are arguing with repositioning the red block based on the intersection. How do I deal with this? Is there any example code I can look at to help me with this problem?
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