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  1. thanks for the feed back i'm a bit new to the whole thing. i'll take whats said to heart and see if i can refine things a bit more and get back with something a bit more solid. i'm starting to think this might make a beter co-op game. again thanks for the honest feedback!
  2. ok here is my first Idea, give me any feed back you have, i have really no idea what kind of time frame this type of project would need. Game title: pending Overview: I inend to bring a team together to program a game in the style of an competitive arcade FPS. What will set this game apart form the average FPS will be weapons and abilities based on the users music. Intent: To sell this game in the digital market place. Engine: Undecided, feed back on some good engines would be nice. Art style: Yet to be fully decided, I could use some feed back on the kind of style you would expect, after reading what the game will do. The Music: I intend to relase the game with a sample of pre loaded music from all diffrent generas. The music will be played through a built in player that will have custom playlist options for diffrent loadouts, as well as hot keys for on the fly music change for game play reasons (start and stop your own music/change tracks to suit abilities and tactics). I see possbile Itunes or other intergration in the future if the project makes it to market. Level design/game modes: The game will have many standard game modes, as well as mutators to suit the theme of the game. things like each team must use the same song provided by the server. I am currently in the process of designing mechanics that will also make the levels more effected by your music. things like assult maps with barriers that require the assulting team to bombard them with diffrent types of music in combination. Weapon mechanics: The weapons will all be unique in the fact that they all react diffrently to diffrent genres of music. there will of corse be overlap for each weapon to make sure they are all not useless. I intend to acomplish this by having each weapon pic up on diffrent aspects of each genre. things like bass and treble levels/balance ect (esentialy each weapon will be a 3d visualizer). for each weapon diffrent aspects of the sound will effect diffrent outputs like range and damage (play testing will be required for balance and to assigne max caps on all stats and weapon effects) All weapons will be avaliable in the loadout at the start of each map, as well as a list of saved loadouts. examples of weapons and effect: these can be changed at any time based on future research and playtesting when the game is in the right state and are just here to give you an idea of what I intend. acoustic laser: uses tempo bass and treble. this weapon favours songs with a high tempo and a good balance of base and treble. high tempo ensures a continus beam. base effects the high end of the damage output, while treble provides a range bonus.the wepon effect will look like a stright beam that swells and contracts based on the bass while stretching and contracting based on the treble (gaining range) blast cannon: uses bass and tempo mainly, weapon will be programed to favour songs with a slower heavy base beat for max damage and accuracy. as the tempo gets faster accuracy is reduced. abilitys machanics: abilitis will be devided based on loadout with a few that can be spread between all loadouts example abilities and effect: these can be changed at any time based on future research and playtesting when the game is in the right state and are just here to give you an idea of what I intend. Sprint boost: GOOD-gain a speed bonus based on the tempo of your music BAD- lose speed if your music slows down, take loss in overall health. power jump: GOOD-gain a jump hight and control bonus when your music is pumping out alot of bass. BAD-reduces overall jump when music does not have enough bass. sonic shield: GOOD- projects a forward shield (45ish degrees), any damage you take through the shield is reduced by an ammount deturmined by the overall balance of the things tracked for the song you are currently listening too. BAD- reduces over all speed. (could be something else base on play testing of corse) most abilities will be unlocked from the start, with other more situational abilities (will be found by play testing) being avaliable after unlocking related achivments.