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  1. Sry for digging out this old thread, but today I encountered a similar problem when I tried RenderMonkey's OGLES 2.0 shader examples and also found a workaround for this issue in the web. I wrote a little C++ program and OpenGL ES 2.0 with some simple shaders and everything works fine (using GLES emulator), the very primitive shader runs perfectly. As the next step I wanted to do some shader prototyping using RenderMonkey but I had always a blank preview window for the OGLES 2.0 examples - the DirectX HLSL and 'Desktop'-OpenGL examples worked very nicely instead. This issue may occur when using newer NVidia graphic cards / drivers - I tested and confirmed this issue with a GTX285 and a GT220. As a workaround one may use the NVidia's [b]NVEmulate[/b] tool to set the GLSL compiler device support to NV40. The tool should be available at [url="http://developer.nvidia.com/nvemulate"]http://developer.nvidia.com/nvemulate[/url].