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  1. Need to pick an engine

    For the graphics part you could take a look at the [url=""]Mogre[/url]. It is the C# Wrapper of Ogre 3d, it should be suitable for your needs.
  2. Definition of Perlin Noise

    Hi, Perlin Noise has nothing to do with the combination of different octaves. Noise that is generated by adding up octaves is generally called FBM ( Fractal Brownian Motion ). Althoug the article you refered is confusing about that, it is a good introduction to FBMs. To create the FBM, you need some way to generate noise at different frequencies. Perlin Noise is a method you can use to generate such octaves, it belongs to the family of gradient noise methods. Ken Perlins [url=""]website [/url]introduces the algorithm. [url=""]Here [/url]you can find the reference implementation of Perlins latest algorithm. However most tutorials use value noise to generate the octaves and falsely call it "perlin noise". A tutorial that shows a simple value based noise is ( the author calls it "perlin noise" but in fact it is simple value noise ) Value noise is faster to compute but has a lower quality.