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  1. Write a story for this game concept

    It was the early morning, the sun had just begun to dye the overlying sky a deep rich purple. I wandered through the woods flashlight trained on the deer tracks cut into the snow as they led down a steep embankment and I was met suddenly by a lake, wide and completely frozen over, that in all my years in these woods I had never seen. By dawns first light I saw in the middle of the lake the deer, framed on the shore opposite by a huge wooden obelisk. A wind picked up from the south and I heard the creak of its old timbers. This had not been here the week prior, I was sure. A mist began to spread across the lake and wound its way down a small gully some distance to my left, running the way I had come. The wind switched and everything was quiet again, eerie. I turned and, shouldering my rifle, commenced to scramble up the embankment. I began to walk hurriedly away from the tower without a backward glance. Some spectre or hallucination surely, I feared for my sanity, I would never tell anyone what I had seen. Turns out, I wouldn't be troubled by that. I never had the fortune of seeing anyone to tell. When I got back to town they were all gone, my friends, my family, my wife. All dead or run away or something. Or maybe I'm dead. If not, I will be soon enough i'm certain. The mist is coming, I can see it spreading out of the forest, black shadows rise up out of it and spin away into soft tendrils quick enough that you may not be entirely convinced they were even real. My only hope is that this will allow me to see my dear Joanna soon. They are coming Joanna, they are coming. Are you waiting for me wherever I am bound? Are you waiting?