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  1. UI Programmer Resume

    Thank you.
  2. UI Programmer Resume

    1. I've been there almost a year. It was just over a page on the original and exactly a page after my revisions. 4. I just mean that I should also have a resume. I shouldn't just send my linkedIn link instead of a resume since it lists all the same information (experience, school, courses, honors, skills, etc). I'm pretty sure that just sounds ridiculous, though it seems like some day that might be how it goes. For example, one game company I looked at said to contact them via LinkedIn for a faster reply. I was just wondering if I should only do that for companies who suggest to do that and do the traditional resume for all others.
  3. UI Programmer Resume

    I had a resume and revised it about a year ago when I graduated and got my BS in Computer Science. It got me my first game industry job, but now that I've had a job I'm not sure what all I should put on my resume. Do I include my education, courses, volunteer time, or team work experience? I've read a lot of the other forum posts that have to do with resume critiques and I made some changes, but I'm still not sure it's what it should be. I've attached the original (that got me a job a year ago) and what I've made it into today. Also, how does LinkedIn work in the game industry? Does it play a big part? I doubt I should just use my LinkedIn as my resume (even though it includes all the same information). Thank you for any help in advance! ~Bethany