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  1. guys yaustar gave me the answer I needed I think, I shall go an work on that. I thought it was fairly obvious where the pattern would go next. oh and thanks for the trying though :p I need to learn how to express myself better.
  2. yeah sorry guys I am not explaining this well at all. lets step away from the numbers because I think they are confusing things. ok lets say in my set of characters there are the following a, b, c, d, e, f I start at a a a a then move onto b a a a then a b a a then a a b a etc I want to get to a b b f does this make any sense or should I just leave it and just figure it out myself.
  3. ok let me start again. lets say I start with a string of 0000 and I want to get to 1239 I need to know how many times I would have to increment by 1 character 0000 would be 1, 0100 would be 2, 0010 would be 3 etc I could just loop and figure it out from there but I am looking for another way. @hjj589 thanks you have been so helpful and we needed to know that you can't help.
  4. yeah your right I meant interations. I am basically wonder if there is a mathmatic way of working out how many iterations it would take to get from 0000 to 1239
  5. how many Permutations would it take to get to 1239, starting at 0000 then onto 1000, 1100 etc etc I don't want to loop because this is being used for a much greater amount of data. I am looking for some where to start from, any tips on where to look would be good.
  6. Themonkster

    Online Colleges actually account for anything?

    I doubt it but they show that you are interested enough in the field to do it in your own time. I always here its more down to how your portfolio is as to how qualifed you are. I am not in the industy so take my comments with a pinch of salt.
  7. Themonkster

    XNA Framework & Xbox 360 Details

    anyone know how the content is going to get onto the 360? is it going to be via the computer or via the computer - internet - live account? also do we have to pay for the 360 access when its beta? I am really look forward to playing with this and torqueX http://www.garagegames.com/products/torque/x/
  8. hi guys, does anyone have any good resources on how to create a diagramming windows form? I have googled but not found anything just lots of expensive controls. anyone know of a cheap control that does diagramming under 80 dollars that would be cool. I want to be able to add lots of pictures to a form and rotate and move them around. I would then like to save the output as a picture or html. If you can think of a way of doing it with out a diagramming control let me know. Cheers
  9. Themonkster

    Using Flash and Zinc to make a game

    I thought about doing what you have mentioned. google it a bit and you might come up with a list of engines that already offer flash capabilities for UI. check the 3d engine list site I am sure there are some but I can't remember any sorry. Yes it will work.
  10. nope MS developed express to compete with mySQL etc. its only limitation is you are only allowed to use it on 1 cpu.
  11. Themonkster

    Torque Game Engine

    I own T2d and have the programming book mentioned and its all good. well worth the money.
  12. I have always learnt by doing. Once you understand the fundementals I would try to create so programs of your own. I always found that this drove my learning more than following texts. remember to keep it simple.
  13. might be worth posting this in the DX forum m8.
  14. Themonkster

    Help in CS:S mod?

    MS are working to get VS Express to compile the source sdk. don't how long it will take em. check the ms coding 4 fun website.
  15. Unreal 3 uses MDA quite a lot from what I have read. The level designers don't need coders to add features anymore and the artists don't need programmers for shaders.
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