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  1. I can use 3 solution to implement it . 1. Use D2D, but XP don't support it 2. Render video in backbuffer surface, Get this surface DC then BitBlt to callback DC of Browser. By demo ,performance is not good 3. GDI Have other solution with better performance?
  2. I want to render video by DirectX, but video should not be on top of HTML elements. So I try to render video in windowless active control by using DirectX. Windowless control callback function include parameter DC and Area RECT, I render image in Area RECT by DirectX. But it does not work as what I hope to. The image is shown in the ActiveX,and disappear immediately. It seems like the parameter DC is memDC ,and IE will copy it to windowless area after the callback function, so the image rendered by DirectX is covered by DC. If I constantly render image by DirectX not only in callback function but also in timer, the HTML elements which has overlap with ActiveX area will be covered. e.g. HTML Div. (The reason why I use windowless mode ActiveX is because I hope HTML elements can be on top of ActiveX. Window mode ActiveX is always topmost and will cover my HTML elements, which is not acceptable, that’s why I did not use Window mode ActiveX) BTW ,Chreom/Firefox have same issue. and dont know how flash to implement it. Anyone help me, any clues and suggesion , Thanks.
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