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    Medieval Zombies - An iOS platformer

    The game is now released! You can download the free version HERE. You can download the premium version HERE. Feedback is always appreciated, we always want to improve our games!
  2. NiklasBorglund

    Medieval Zombies - An iOS platformer

    Wow! I'm really sorry for the late answer :/ We have been working to update the overall graphics for the game in the last month. Right now, the coins give extra lives - but the plan is to implement so you can buy new weapons. Here's an ingame video on how the game looks now. [media][/media]
  3. NiklasBorglund

    Medieval Zombies - An iOS platformer

    Thanks Since we are developing in the Unity3D engine, it's really easy to switch and build for another platform. So we created some keyboard controls and built it as a standalone windows version for the video capturing.
  4. NiklasBorglund

    Medieval Zombies - An iOS platformer

    [color=#111111][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]7th week of production is done:). Here's a video update.[/font] Current build is available here: http://www.crywolfstudios.net/lab/
  5. Hi! I'm currently working at a small newly founded game studio in Sweden named Cry Wolf Studios. We are working on our second title right now called Medieval Zombies. It's in many ways a classical platformer for iOS platforms. You're playing as Earl Shovelhands who is trying to prevent a zombie apocalypse in the dark ages. You collect coins, collectibles and strike down zombies in your adventure to find a wizard that can make everything right. The game is made with unity3d engine. Edit: Video update from 2012-05-10 The game have been in development for 6 weeks. This is how the game looked a week ago. [media][/media] More videos from the development is available at our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.c...er/CryWolfGames If you want to try the game out, the latest build is available at: http://www.crywolfstudios.net/lab/ Any feedback is appreciated! /Niklas
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