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  1. Free engine for 2d games

    [quote name='BeerNutts' timestamp='1332967293' post='4926114'] Yes, sorry, Lua. Does it fit what you're looking for? [/quote] Just asking, I'll give it a try anyway even if I was searching for something maybe more "graphical-oriented" (if that makes some sense)
  2. Free engine for 2d games

    [quote name='BeerNutts' timestamp='1332879065' post='4925798'] [url="https://love2d.org/"]Love2d[/url] A Python 2d engine. [/quote] it isn't lua based?
  3. Free engine for 2d games

    Hi on the last months I was working on a top-down tile-based-movement rpg in python(+pygames), only to discover that I have no Idea of how to create an engine from scratch I managed to make something but it isn't good, so i decided to using an engine, mi first choice went to Torque 2d, but sadly i do not have tho money to pay the licence, there are some good free alternative?