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  1. This is pretty awesome. No public testers allowed yet?
  2. ryanmvsg

    Gaming Sync Cloud Service

    Build went out today which released a few bug fixes as well as new features. You can create your own account right from the client. The download link is: http://cloud.drslabscorp.com/CloudSvc/cloud_client/Project_Gaming_Cloud_1.0.4.4.zip Please give me feedback if you use it and let me know how I could make it better!
  3. I don't know if this is allowed but it seems like it would be (I apologize in advance if it is not feel free to delete/close it). My friend is releasing a gaming cloud service that syncs all game replays across all machines. It is targeted towards games that do not already have a cloud service. The open beta hits tonight you can send invite requests (just stating what games you would use it for, no personal information is needed) to cloud@drslabscorp.com. You will get a reply email giving your credentials for the beta as well as a download link for the client. Please note the beta is as-is and provides no warranty. There are limited slots open, so if you want one please send a request asap and please actually participate in the beta. You can view more info at http://www.drslabscorp.com/
  4. ryanmvsg

    [C#] KB815131 work around

    Thanks for all of the posts guys. I'm wanting to eventually take my research and apply it to a commercial project so I'd like as little 3rd party solutions as possible. But I do appreciate the quick feedback, you guys are great
  5. ryanmvsg

    [C#] KB815131 work around

    I basically am tired of all the bugs visual studio has with anything that uses IXMLSerializer. is there a way to serialize a dictionary without using IXMLSerializer?
  6. ryanmvsg

    [C#] KB815131 work around

    the only issue with that is it also doesn't see any class that contains a serialized dictionary field it doesn't add it to the wdsl. It acts as if that class does not exist so I also have to re-create all classes that use it. It's a major head ache.
  7. Does anyone else have another work around other then renaming all of your class references in the reference.cs file? I have a serialized dicitonary with many different key/value pair types and that would be an unreasonable solution to have to go through it everytime I had to update the service reference
  8. ryanmvsg

    [C#] Web Svc Serialize Problem

    Solution: This is a known big with Microsoft. You have to edit your reference files. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/815131 Thanks for the reply though, I'll give you a +1
  9. ryanmvsg

    [C#] Web Svc Serialize Problem

    I just created a web service in visual studio (.asmx) then consumed it by adding the web service (generating the soap clients, etc). I was adding classes and functions fine to it unti I added the serialize dictionary. Everything inside the web service dll and see the serialized dictionary just fine while everything outside of it can not. I'm new to creating web services but have used C#/WPF for a while now. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks for the post so far! If you look at these 3 examples you'll see it. First image: shows the image of visual studio saying it's a dataset. Second: the code of the actual response class (it's not a data set in the code). The third is the actual code for the web service. I created a temp response at the top of the function to show visual studio showing it as it should (in the web service only ) Example 1: http://oi39.tinypic.com/k121d.jpg Example 2 (the game response code): [Serializable] public sealed class GetGamesResponse { public GetGamesResponse() { } public GetGamesResponse(SerializableDictionaryEx<int, string> profileGamesList, SerializableDictionaryEx<int, GameSvcDef> gamesSvcList) { this.ProfileGamesList = profileGamesList; this.GameSvcList = gamesSvcList; } public bool Status { get; set; } public SerializableDictionaryEx<int, string> ProfileGamesList { get; set; } public SerializableDictionaryEx<int, GameSvcDef> GameSvcList { get; set; } } Example 3: The actual method in the web service. I created a tmp object to show it showing up as a SerializedDictionary in the service: http://oi43.tinypic.com/ket3ra.jpg
  10. Hey everyone, I'm new here so sorry if I mess things up (hello to all of you btw ). I have a weird problem. I have been making this web service no problem for the past couple of days. I had to use a custom dictionary (code below) to serialize my dictionaries (holding serialized class objects). I made some minor function additions to the web service, went to recompile and BAM visual studio turned all of my SerializableDictionary classes (in function parameters, so for example public void AddMethod(SerialzableDictionary data) would read in the object browser public void AddMethod(DataSet data)) into DataSets Also I can no longer access the SerializableDictionary class from the client (the object browser just does not show it). I can see the class inside of the web service namespace. I also can load the IL DASM and it shows the class in the web service dll just fine?! So I am confused...I have tried re-creating the web service, restarting my computer/visual studio, to no avail. Here is the custom dictionary class used to serialize dictionary data across the web service. [XmlRoot("dictionary")] public class SerializableDictionary<TKey, TValue> : Dictionary<TKey, TValue>, IXmlSerializable { #region IXmlSerializable Members public System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchema GetSchema() { return null; } public void ReadXml(System.Xml.XmlReader reader) { XmlSerializer keySerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TKey)); XmlSerializer valueSerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TValue)); bool wasEmpty = reader.IsEmptyElement; reader.Read(); if (wasEmpty) return; while (reader.NodeType != System.Xml.XmlNodeType.EndElement) { reader.ReadStartElement("item"); reader.ReadStartElement("key"); TKey key = (TKey)keySerializer.Deserialize(reader); reader.ReadEndElement(); reader.ReadStartElement("value"); TValue value = (TValue)valueSerializer.Deserialize(reader); reader.ReadEndElement(); this.Add(key, value); reader.ReadEndElement(); reader.MoveToContent(); } reader.ReadEndElement(); } public void WriteXml(System.Xml.XmlWriter writer) { XmlSerializer keySerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TKey)); XmlSerializer valueSerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TValue)); foreach (TKey key in this.Keys) { writer.WriteStartElement("item"); writer.WriteStartElement("key"); keySerializer.Serialize(writer, key); writer.WriteEndElement(); writer.WriteStartElement("value"); TValue value = this[key]; valueSerializer.Serialize(writer, value); writer.WriteEndElement(); writer.WriteEndElement(); } } #endregion } Here is the picture of the il dasm seeing the class (I have highlighted it). http://tinypic.com/r/2a8qioh/5 <----------- couldn't embed I tried sorry Any help is much appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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