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  1. RocketHub or KickStarter?

    I'm doing the same thing as you, with kickstarter, We are making an MMORPG here's ours: [url=""][/url] we were known in our community, We are not a very wealthy one, But we are managing with no money so far, But like the other people said, Can't get paid for anything just yet,besides kickstarter! kickstarter would be the way to go in my opinion. just make sure you share it with your facebook/Community, I'm trying to get a hold of our mayor and news.
  2. Hello everyone at, Our company is working on building a great game! it's going to be one of the next #1 MMORPGs ! here is a link to our project on kickstarter: [url=""]http://www.kickstart...haotic-or-seren[/url] Here is our facebook if you'd like to be updated by our team:[url=""]https://www.facebook...ticGamingStudio[/url] We will be working on this game 24/7 until our funds get here, We will hire more then 20 new employees off the bat! We hope this game will be for true gamers and gamers alone will have a say in everything we do, this is why we would like funding from gamers,developers, and people just wanting to help! Sincerly, Anthony G. Samuel CEO & founder of Chaotic Gaming Studio