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  1. When is a game idea stealing?

    Like Tom said, they would have to prove that you stole something. However, is there any possibility that you may have unconscionably knew about this idea before you started working on it? The courts will look at how likely it is that you have seen something with their game before you started working on yours. If they feel that it is likely that you were aware of the World of Warplanes before you started working on your game, they make call it copyright unconsciously (which is just as illegal as if you purposely stole it). I'm not saying this is the case for you, but it may be. I know someone who went through the same situation. If World of Warplanes had no national ad or way to reach you then you should be fine. A side note: If somehow you and them produced the exact same game without either of you knowing that the other game was in production, then there would be no copyright if you cold prove it. This has happened a handful of times in copyright law for music (and it was quite fascinating, personally). So just some food for thought. P.S. Standard Disclaimer: do not take this as any sort of official legal advice