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  1. Looks like I let the old thread go so long that it is beyond necroing.  That actually works I suppose as the past few months have seen quite a bit of change in the project.   I have learned quite a bit and even struck off in a different direction than before.   http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2013/02/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-9.html   Also, instead of watching a video of the AI as in prior installments, you can try your hand at the AI yourself.  A playable copy of the game can be downloaded from:   http://www.checkmarkgames.com/p/shattered-throne.html    
  2. I originally intended for at least one other installment. I was going to add in some Fuzzy logic, but after some research I found that my idea of Fuzzy Logic was incorrect, I just wanted to add a little variance to the AI. I have become very happy with the current state of the AI. To get further progress, I need to finalize the game rules completely (should water spaces be uncrossable? should enemy units prevent collection of resources?) as well as add in the additional Undead faction which plays quite differently. Basically, I think I got about as far as I could with the state the game was currently in. I then became engaged with improving the visual presentation and flow of the game. As a one man developer, I found a very useful way to stay motivated enough to finish a project is to follow my current passions and interests. The short answer, is that I am done for now, but I would like to at least present a final summary at some point, and I think there is some opportunity to clean things up as well.
  3. @jsj795 Glad it has been of use to you, please let me know if you discover anything of interest while developing your own AI @Platinum_Dragon Once again a great bit of information! I am currently using various unit ratios to determine what the AI should build. So that it tries to build the unit type that is furthest away from its current ideal ratio. That seems to be working good so far, but it is good to know of the alternate you suggest.
  4. Part 8 is finally finished. This time I used a Genetic Algorithm to try to evolve a better AI player. Check out the results here: [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/06/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-8.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/06/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-8.html[/url]
  5. An excellent amount of information and insight Platinum_Dragon, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment. I was not aware of the tendancy of multiplayer Advance Wars games to tend towards large amounts of infantry and artillery. I hope to make all units useful with this game, and it looks like a lot of testing and tweaking is in my future.
  6. It is always good to hear people are watching. Including my son has been a huge help, as having someone to talk to makes the naration so much easier. I understand now why sports commentators come in pairs. I have been looking forward to using a GA ever since I started this project. Will be finding out soon enough if it will make a difference.
  7. More progress, getting closer to the goal. In part 7 here, in addition to some small tweaks, the AI now detects which player is winning and losing and changes its behavior accordingly. [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/05/continued-from-part-6-syntaxhighlighter.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/05/continued-from-part-6-syntaxhighlighter.html[/url]
  8. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I hope this will end up being useful to you also!
  9. Part 6: [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/05/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-6.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/05/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-6.html[/url] The AI is updated to make use of special Leader abilities (CO Powers in the context of Advanced Wars).
  10. [quote name='willh' timestamp='1335537842' post='4935393'] Great stuff. Really cool to see the progression, and the guest commentator is awesome. [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] [/quote] Glad you are enjoying it. My 9yr old son was very elated to hear you liked his commentary
  11. Thanks leopardpm, I am glad others are finding this interesting and it is always nice to hear from them. I just posted Part 5: [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/04/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-5.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/04/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-5.html[/url] This time I added some key code behind the order in which the AI moves units, as well as what units it builds each turn and where. The results show a great improvement.
  12. Part 4, in which the AI is given high level goals. [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/04/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-4.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/04/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-4.html[/url] This took much longer to bring together than the previous installments. I am certainly getting out of my comfort zone. Any and all comments are most welcome.
  13. Just posted the next part. This time I added a simple influence map the AI uses to weight its movements [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/04/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-3.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/04/turn-based-strategy-game-ai-part-3.html[/url]
  14. I have been working on a new turn based strategy game best described as a fantasy version of Advanced Wars, though certainly with a style all its own. I have reached the point in the project where it is time to create the AI computer player. Looking around for advice, I see lots of high level ideas being discussed, but nothing specifically for a turn based game. So I thought I would do something about that and will be sharing my progress and related code snippets over at my dev blog as I work on development of the AI. The first post in the series is now available from [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/03/building-strategy-game-ai.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/03/building-strategy-game-ai.html[/url] Part 2 is also now available: [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/03/turn-based-strategy-ai-part-2.html"]http://www.checkmarkgames.com/2012/03/turn-based-strategy-ai-part-2.html[/url] At this point I am not sure how exactly this will turn out. Perhaps the lack of specific tutorials means that this will come together quickly, perhaps I will never finish. Regardless, I am going to share the progress (or lack thereof). So if you have any interest in the topic, or know a lot about it and want to give advice or a critique, stop on by. -Mark [url="http://www.checkmarkgames.com"]www.checkmarkgames.com[/url]