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  1. MLillowitz

    Can somebody here help me with DirectX?

    Hi, Washu. Please kindly stop threatening me in private messages. Thank you. - Mikey
  2. MLillowitz

    Can somebody here help me with DirectX?

    Hey, jbadams. I can't reinstall because the files necessary to do so are corrupt. Did you not read my post? 20+ years of programming experience. - Mikey
  3. MLillowitz

    Pygame Window Not-Responding

    Hi, marissa13600. Did you assure all files are in place, all necessities are on-key, and all the syntax is correct? Remember that Python is a very easy programming language, but also a very limited one. - Mikey
  4. MLillowitz

    Need to pick an engine

    Hi, klefebz. Why not give SDL a shot? --> http://www.libsdl.org/languages.php It has many bindings to suit a variety of languages: http://cs-sdl.sourceforge.net/ Any more help, just ask! 20+ years of programming experience. - Mikey
  5. MLillowitz

    Trouble with Animating a Sprite

    Hi, Kinger. I would like to get in contact with you, Kate. I will add you now regarding your service/offer. Please mind my inconvenience OP. I will help you in a bit. - Mikey
  6. MLillowitz

    Smart pointers question

    Hi, return0. No, I'm not a "supertroll". I'm sorry I've came across as dubious to you, but all my points will get across once my blog goes up soon. Sorry for any inconvenience, and good luck to all your smarty pointers! And it's not a manual post if it's copy/pasted. ;D - Mikey
  7. MLillowitz

    Starting in Python: best graphics module?

    Hello again, jbadams. Very sorry all these problems have arisen. To avoid me having to continue putting wood in the fire that I'm sorry for starting, I suggest we just until my site is published. I will have over 50 blogs there, and updates daily. From my main homepage of my blog you'll understand my points and reasons why I don't believe that PyGame or PySFML are good starters. Like I said I have been teaching programming freelance for over 15 years, been teaching it to my class and everyone in my class can act as a reference for me on this, and have been programming professionally for almost 30 years. Instead of flooding these messages, we'll put this on hold. Is that fair enough? Sorry for this whole situation. Very much do I apologize. I hope our paths cross again, and sorry for any belligerence. - Mikey
  8. MLillowitz

    Can somebody here help me with DirectX?

    Hi again, jbadams. My version of Windows 7 Pro has all DirectX runtime libraries corrupted and has necessary OS GUI deficits in prominent .sys files. I can't run any video files either. Somebody purposely corrupted the files on my system through hacking and malice. Also, if you wish to see my blogs you'll have to wait until I get hosting on my site. I told you I can give the site, yes, to bookmark, but the site won't be up for a while until I finish paying for hosting and other services. The site will be here: http://www.mlillowitz.com/ And I'm sorry if you don't understand my points. When my blogs are up and site maybe you'll understand. I'll just wait until I can save up enough to get my new iMac. 20+ years of programming experience. - Mikey
  9. MLillowitz

    Getting my friends to play my game.

    @RoyalRyan You're welcome! And I downloaded a copy of your game - enjoyed it. Keep up that kind of work and you'll be calling yourself pro one day! PS: Just make sure you extract all the relevant directories and .exe in to one specific folder or else the game won't execute with the missing .dll files and such. @Servant of the Lord That specific idea may not be relevant or convenient if Ryan isn't able to physically get the drive which the data is stored on to others. Also, placing it online and advertising the link to download it can attract many more players worldwide at any time than by physical drive transferring means to just friends. I'd always recommend placing your downloadable files on free-hosting web sites. It's a free and convenient way to share data to the world. @Dragonsoulj Compressed files are as easy as the click of a button to uncompressed. I uncompressed Ryan's game within three seconds(running Windows 7 Pro, 2GB RAM). - Mikey
  10. MLillowitz

    Getting my friends to play my game.

    Hi, RoyalRyan. Like everything on a computer, data is stored in files within folders, etc. All data can be compressed in to a zipped file format, and there are many sites readily available to host content for free. Place your data on a website such as many of the following: http://www.filedropper.com/ http://www.4shared.com/ http://www.yourfilelink.com/ From there on, retrieve the link's address to the appropriate download page with your data to friends, etc., and voila! They can unzip and play(compressed zip file formats are highly recommended for placing content online).
  11. MLillowitz

    Can somebody here help me with DirectX?

    Hi, Tom KQT. To put this as blunt as possible, I wanted you to NOT use the DX Viewer utility for obvious reasons I mentioned before. For more info, please view by blogs if you are confused. Thank you. 20+ years of programming experience. - Mikey
  12. MLillowitz

    Smart pointers question

    Hello again, jbadams. Let's drop this before it becomes a bigger debate, please. You may check out my external blogs from my homepage regarding reasons, tutorials and articles on why I don't recommend what the other poster offered. Thank you. 20+ years of programming experience. - Mikey
  13. MLillowitz

    Starting in Python: best graphics module?

    Hi again, jbadams. We should just drop this. We don't want to escalate in to bigger problems here. Also, don't think for a second that general dislike from a majority in a group means an idea is incorrect or not worthy. I will do things my way and you can do things your way. Okay? I've programmed enough to know what works well for me and my class, and my efforts to prove my points arise trouble. So let's start this all over, please. - Mikey
  14. MLillowitz

    Smart pointers question

    Hi again, SiCrane. No, I have never researched the shared_ptr's documentation. I learned about pointers through my establishment of my first Assembly-generated game engine back many years ago. I started as a low-level programmer, and have been programming longer than you've probably been legal. I can give you at least 100 better solutions to your case. However, given the many complex issues that may arise here, I think we should push this aside rather than debate. - Mikey
  15. MLillowitz

    Can somebody here help me with DirectX?

    Hi again, Nik02 and Tom KQT. By "raw" I am referring to loading the model file without DirectX's mesh system, and through a DirectX interface directly. I expected to see a snapshot within the window of a basic DX utility window system, not the DX Viewer. Because you are using the DX Viewer, and all through my programming of DX I have never used the "Viewer", I am uncertain if you did or did not render the .x file's geometry or statistics in a separate mesh class or container. This is what I mean, and I really would recommend leaving it as this. I don't want to get too in to specifics here, but if you are willing, could you show the same model file loaded again, but not in the DX Viewer utility? Thanks in advance. You certainly don't have to, and your kindness to do it in general was fulfilling enough. - Mikey
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