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    Getting Started

    Simon I tried to give you a plus one, but my fat fingers have a high margin of error on my cell phone. Sorry, Ray
  2. biggara

    Getting Started

    Wow thanks everyone.
  3. biggara

    Getting Started

    Ryan, Awesome find, that site has a little help for xna, unity and more, i will check that out. Since you are into unity, I will match your contribution with this link http://walkerboystudio.com/html/unity_training___free__.html :-)
  4. biggara

    Getting Started

    Menyo, I may be able to get running in XNA with a few tutorials and what not, thanks. I am familiar with Visual Studios also at least 2003, 2005. Can I get by on the express versions? I have 2003 or 2005 on my work laptop, and its fully loaded, c#, J#,C++, vb. I will look into that though thanks. Any resources you used for getting started? Thanks again. Has anyone here worked with unity or is that the cheaters path? I know the level of designers on here are much better than the boards I have been stumbling around.
  5. biggara

    Getting Started

    I know this has been asked 1000 different ways and had nearly a million different answers, but how do I get started? Is there a tool that I should use that fits my specific strengths? Background: I am a RPI graduate, with a BS in electronic media, arts and communications. I work as a system administrator for a construction company for lack of a better term. I would say i have medium to fair skill in: vbscript, vb.net, c++. I am familiar with Maya, Photoshop, Final Cut, MS SQL, Gimp I have done a few administrative things in Python, C#. (copy files, count files, move files, list files with certain ext, ect) And I have tried to start using, but just cant get the ball rolling in: Blender, Unity 3D. I took psych classes on Game Design (not video game just reg game theory), character design, and human factors in design. I like to think I have a fair to strong knowledge on computers in general and networking. The low down: I want to get started. I have a friend with nearly no technical background who has a great passion for games. We have played around in map makers like forge and he always comes up with some good stuff, and we come up with great stuff together. I need to get him up to speed and take myself to the next level. I am also trying to do this on a $0 budget. I thought that I could just pull all my maya knowledge into Blender but it feels completely alien to me. Unity 3D seems great but I haven't committed because I am not sure if its the way to go. Gimp seems like a fair substitute for photoshop. Both my friend and I work full time and have children, I think it is something we could do, I just don't know how yet. Do we just get started with a GDD, and learn the tech stuff on the fly with our pet project? Any help, advice would be welcome. Thanks,
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