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  1. "What is the normal rate for a good programmer? How much does a 3D model cost?" "What all do I need to make an entire level?" "How do I get my game on Steam? How do I make multiplayer servers? What is AWS/Gamesparks/Gamelift?" "Do I form a corporation before starting? Do I need a contract with this person to protect myself? Should I offer royalties?" "How long will X feature take to make? How do I make X feature work in my system?" "What is the pipeline for making a new character?" My current project, "Circuits and Shields" has been in development for nearly three long years now and along the way I've picked up about a million things that I'd do differently if I had the chance to start over. I firmly believe starting over from scratch that I could reach our current production level in about half the time and at half the cost. With the recent drop in bitcoin and my rapidly shrinking pockets, I'm looking to secure some extra funding for Circuits before we head into Kickstarter so I'm selling my services for upcoming projects. While soft skills are always a tough sell, I've built Circuits from the ground up as the guiding hand for every aspect of development. I've been in the unique position of serving as the sole link between every department, gaining familiarity with each step of the process. While I don't program or make the art myself, I've barked orders at these guys for years now. I will help you realize and understand things you never even thought about, whether that's in actual production pipelines or in the game design itself. I can't tell you how much it would have helped me to have someone more familiar with the process close to me where I could constantly just ask them questions as they came up. I can work hourly if you have a prepared list of questions or as a semi-permanent adviser to your project. I am currently offering my first couple consultations FOR FREE while I work out the kinks on how to best format this. Regardless of what state your project is in, whether it's just an idea and a forum post or you're halfway through development looking for a final push, I believe I can help you. Since it's going to be different for every project, I'm happy to sit down with you and work out a deal that's beneficial to both parties. Skillset(s): Director, Producer, and Game Designer 10+ years trying to make games 3+ years actually making a game Previous Work: Circuits and Shields: http://circuitsandshields.com Portfolio: http://chandlerthomlison.com Contact: Email: cthomlison@gmail.com Skype: cthomlison Additional Information: Skillset includes but not limited to: Project Management, Budgeting, Recruiting, Idea Refinement, Gameplay Design, Marketing, Animation, 3D Modeling, Visual Effects (VFX), Sound Effects (SFX), General Do's and Dont's, Website Design, Community Outreach, Engine Choice, Multiplayer Architecture, and Distribution. Thanks!
  2. Right, I've read that but I'm not sure it covers what I'm asking. Is someone's stage name intellectual property and if I name a champion based on that stage name, how close does likeness have to be? I.e. if there was an olympic archer that coined the nickname Ashe, would he have grounds to sue League of Legends anytime soon?
  3. Hi all, I have a (theoretically) basic question. Creating a MOBA game that's fairly far along and we have a champion that is a human magician. The name that I really like for him is "Camilo", based on a song from Said the Whale, "Camilo (The Magician)", where the song is based on an actual magician (http://camilothemagician.com).   Obviously my concern is can I actually name my champion that considering it shares a likeness being a magician and all, especially considering our magician champion in-game is somewhat of a bad magician who fails tricks. Just not sure I fully understand how real names are trademarked and how far likeness goes or if the song even comes into play.   Anyone have any advice? Obviously one of my steps can be e-mailing the guy and asking, but I'd like that to be an accessory and not my only option hopefully. (i.e. I want to e-mail and say, I'm fairly sure I don't need your approval legally, but I'm asking anyway, OR I say legally I don't have permission to use this name, but is it cool with you?)   Thanks!
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