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  1. The Lost Keys of Alraith

    [quote name='Acharis' timestamp='1334786003' post='4932601'] Huh? What do have you against eugene2k's feedback? He merely stated that your storyline sux and you should improve it. This definitely counts as a valuable and constructive feedback in my opinion. [/quote] My apologies for over-reacting; it seemed to like eugen2k was not trying to build anything up, he was trying to beat it down and I think there's no place for that; again, sorry [quote name='FLeBlanc' timestamp='1334785624' post='4932599'] Is it turn based or realtime? Party based or solo? Can you craft? Do you have conversation trees? What's the leveling system like? Or do you even have a leveling system? Treadmill? Choice and consequences? Etc, etc.... [/quote] It's realtime, and solo. As for crafting, you can find items and weapons/armor, etc and fuse them with other objects that carry powers, so you can have swords that deal fire/cold damage, etc and armor that protects especially well against fire/cold etc. Concerning in-game conversation, you can talk to people by selecting something to say, and then based on what you chose there are other options for what you can say. (yes, I think is the answer to whether or not that is a conversation tree) There's no leveling system, and the whole thing is Zelda-esque. However, it's not a Zelda clone, there are going to be a lot of our own things.
  2. Zak LeRoi, PC RPG

    Now that we have come up with a name for this game, my partner made a new topic about it: [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/623597-the-lost-keys-of-alraith/"]http://www.gamedev.net/topic/623597-the-lost-keys-of-alraith/[/url] The Lost Keys of Alraith - if our project interests you, swing on over to the other topic.
  3. The Lost Keys of Alraith

    eugene2k, I hope you realize this is not intended to be the full outlined story. This is very obviously not a fully-fleshed story. This is a single paragraph, as you can tell, and therefore could not possible contain all the elements and intricacies required to make an RPG run. Trust me, we are working out the story. It's actually the first thing we worked on, and the story itself is nearing completion. As for this single paragraph, it's intended to make you curious. It is not intended for you to become a troll and immediately shut your mind to what could be an excellent game. That being said, if you have some feedback, please give it. However, doesn't it make sense to say it in at least a moderately nice way, so people actually take you seriously, and not immediately discount you as you have obviously discounted us? [quote name='eugene2k' timestamp='1334739346' post='4932413'] Why would a king personally oversee the destruction of some village in his kingdom? And why would a village Zak doesn't remember anything about be so important to Zak that he would swore vengeance on the spot? Oh and why does Zak know it's the king that destroyed the village? His memory is gone, isn't it? [/quote] Don't you think we've thought through these things? We're taking the time to make something worthwhile. Since you obviously missed one of the lines in the OP: [quote name='Hoppykins' timestamp='1334705214' post='4932314'] It is in extremely early stages of development. [/quote] This means we are very open to feedback. And to state the obvious, we are only open to any [b]constructive [/b]feedback you might have. I would think this is not something we would have to say to what we hoped was a mature forum.
  4. Zak LeRoi, PC RPG

    [quote name='DadeLeviathan' timestamp='1334617037' post='4931921'] Another idea you could go with, is allowing the player to create their own tabs, and simply allow the player to sell or store en masse all of their items in any given tab. This would allow a player to set up a tab called, say, "Weapons 2" which they reserved specifically for weapons that they would use later, or "Sell High" for items that they would only sell to stores that had some of the better sell payouts in the game. [/quote] Hm...that's a really good idea. I'll swing that by my partner and see what he thinks.
  5. Zak LeRoi, PC RPG

    Thanks for your input, DadeLeviathan and Legendre. What would you think of a tabbed inventory system with seperate tabs for Armor, Weapons, and Items? Also, what other categories would you suggest, besides these three?
  6. Zak LeRoi, PC RPG

    Currently I'm working on coding the inventory system - I made this mockup: [img]http://img.removedfromgame.com/imgs/SampleInventory.PNG[/img] What do you think? I'm trying to make the inventory mouse-based. Do you prefer that to keyboard based control, with the arrow keys?
  7. How to I get good at game programming in C#?

    I would recommend to anyone to learn to program the way I did - by programming games on my graphing calculator. I have a TI-84+, and after learning the built-in dialect of BASIC it provides, I moved on to Axe Parser. It's an awesome language, makes things very simple, but very powerful. The syntax is moderately similar to C, too, so the transition to computer programming isn't very painful. Anyways, if it sounds interesting, check out [url="http://www.omnimaga.org/index.php?board=71.0"]http://www.omnimaga.org/index.php?board=71.0[/url] and maybe join the friendly Omnimaga community. In addition to all this, like it's been said, the best way to learn to program is to program, as much as you can, as often as you can.
  8. Zak LeRoi, PC RPG

    haha eh...sorry. You'll have a sword, and you'll (of course) be able to kill enemies and whatnot, but we're fairly family-friendly, so don't expect anything that would make it really anything worse than a T rating. On an unrelated note, we formed our new company, DD Gaming, and started a new blog: [url="http://play-dd-games.blogspot.com/"]http://play-dd-games.blogspot.com/[/url] If this project interests any of you, follow the blog, which is where we'll be posting screenshots, plot summaries, and other little tidbits of awesome.
  9. Hi, A friend and I are working on a 2D RPG, for PCs. It will be in the style of Zelda, but don't worry - it won't feel like a Zelda clone in any way. We've planned out probably about 75% of the game, including the storyline, plot twist(s), basic game roadmap, etc. Anyways, I'm just using this thread to post screenshots, updates (when we get a playable build worth crap) of the game - which is currently unnamed, but the main characters name is Zak LeRoi, hence the subject^^ First off: I've been working on a Notes page, for the user to take notes, record quests, and the like. I'm really quite pleased with how it's turned out: [img]http://img.removedfromgame.com/imgs/8-Untitled.png[/img]