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  1. Good Logos

    [quote name='zedz' timestamp='1337558140' post='4941763'] way too complicated, the best logos are simple ones without words, eg nike, mercedes, apple etc (though no doubt most of them are gone) company names too long as well (at least its not just the company name) I'll do a highly stylized monkey [/quote] I thought it was too complicated but, with a game development company I added the name. I made a logo without the text but he didn't want to use it and the second picture was for a background on the website.
  2. Good Logos

    I am an aspiring graphic designer and indie game developer and I made two logo for another indie game developer. He liked it but I think it was too amateurish. What do you think? And how can I improve my next logo. (I'm making a logo for another game developer this week.) [url="!/_devonpeak/media/slideshow?"]!/_devonpeak/media/slideshow?[/url] [url="!/_devonpeak/media/slideshow?"]!/_devonpeak/media/slideshow?[/url]
  3. Aspiring Graphic Designer. Free Logos

    I finished a logo I made for an independent game company "Sock Munkee Development". The pictures are on my twitter. [url="!/_devonpeak"][/url]
  4. How would you define games?

    In my opinion there are two types of games. Entertainment. And Art Games. All Games are art but, 'art games' are more...artistic and creative. I love art games because the stories are life changing (over exaggeration) and the games can be completed in less than 10 minutes. And I also love the art in most art games. Entertaining games usually don't have a good story because the theme is too common or the player can't relate to it. i.e. Call of Duty. Theme: Kill People. But not all entertaining games are bad games or need a story because I love most puzzle games.
  5. Aspiring Graphic Designer. Free Logos

    Do you want me to make a new design for the game?
  6. Indie Game Company Names?

    [quote name='Paul Franzen' timestamp='1336413942' post='4938134'] Followed! [/quote] Thank You!
  7. Aspiring Graphic Designer. Free Logos

    Thanks for the comment, follow, and website view. I'm working on a drawing now. I know it's important for me to post pictures because I can describe my style. And I like your website. It's clean and that's a nice "Actual Photograph". And thanks for contributing to my post on this website. I'm following you on Twitter because I want to. Not because you followed me first.
  8. My name is Devon Peak, and I'm an aspiring artist (and independent game developer). I love all art especially graphic design. I want to design logos for free so more people can see my art. I'm experienced in most graphic design (drawing and photo editing) software i.e. Photoshop and Gimp. I also use 'Blender' a 3D modeling software. I'm a high school student but I have learned graphic in a class at my school and I self teach myself. I also work with a group of graphic designers, photographers, and website designers at my church. You can email me: Website: [url=""][/url] and follow me on Twitter: [url="!/_devonpeak"][/url] I tweet about my art and game development.
  9. Game genres, what do you want to develop?

    Art Games.
  10. Your #programming Favourites

    Lua with Love 2D
  11. Indie Game Company Names?

    I'm using my name and I made a website and twitter about my art and game development. I'm not trying to spam but, If you're interested you can follow me. [url=""] [/url] and my website is [url=""][/url]
  12. Twitter and Website

    I tweet and blog about art and my indie game development. [url="!/_devonpeak"][/url] [url=""][/url]
  13. Fun Art Games?

    I'm an aspiring game developer and artist and I started working with a group of people in my church to improve the church's website and marketing. I'm 15 years old and I'm working with adults. They want me to help make games for kids. I make art games and they want casual games. How would you make a game that is an art game and fun. The games I make are fun but, the story is more important. I don't think this would be fun for most children.
  14. Indie Game Company Names?

    I'm working on a game now and I started a different project earlier this year but I need more money for software.
  15. Indie Game Company Names?

    I think i'm going to use my name. I don't need a name for a company because I don't have a team.