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  1. Look and Feel Oppression Advice

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1333190718' post='4926905'] Nobody "owns" those gameplay elements -- gameplay elements like that are not subject to copyright. [/quote] Ok was just concerned about HOW I am expressing it. However that dot heroes game does it the same way I am intending on doing it and they are fine. So I am pretty sure I am safe regardless. Thanks.
  2. I have started working on a MMO project that is based off of the genre of the old school Legend of Zelda (2d). This includes gathering items, using items and, and crawling through puzzling dungeons with said items to advance in the game. Now besides that everything else it completely original and built clean room. My problem is that Zelda is the only type in its actual genre. So the advice I am requesting is this, do those simple mechanics attached to a similar style of 2d tiled maps put me at risk of these crap “Look and Feel” laws? Even though the game is completely original past that point? Does the fact that it is MMO blow the “Look and Feel” laws away because they never released an MMO? Do additional mechanics change the fact that the base mechanics are there in a legal way? This seems like a ridiculous scenario but with Nintendo butchering them selves with the too soon release of the 3DS I do not want to see them trying to kill my project in court for some extra cash as many failing companies will attempt to do. This is very concerning that a company can sue for saying your game “kinda” plays like theirs in only SOME ways. Thanks for your time.