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  1. I'm very interested. Programmer with experience in multiplayer. Please PM me with more details :)
  2. Peace Walker

    experienced artist looking for programmer

    I have a decent experience in programming and looking for an artist as well.. let's chat :)
  3. If you're still looking for programmers please contact me rami0snake@gmail.com -Rami B.
  4. Peace Walker

    UNITY3d Tutorials

    this is an awesome free site http://www.walkerboystudio.com/html/unity_training___free__.html#unity3software
  5. Please try this site .. it shows you how to use SDL starting from the basics, and it has exmples : Pong , Tetris and Breakout http://www.aaroncox.net/tutorials/arcade/index.html
  6. Peace Walker

    Fullsail Job market

    it's one of the best game development school in the world.. only one problem.. too expensive
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